The first warm evenings

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After May's actually been quite cold, we have again today had a little more luck with the weather! A beautiful sunny day in Cologne and the people were finally able to get out again! Without rain and a cold wind. Tonight, the stones on the Rhine Boulevard again nice and warm in the sun. Many people sit and drink a tasty Kölsch or a wine and enjoy this wonderful view of the Cologne Cathedral! We have in Deutz just simply the most beautiful panorama of Cologne!


The Rhine Boulevard is full again. The staircase is decorated with hundreds of people and everyone wants to enjoy the great evening and maybe see something and be seen. Because even with the young people in Cologne this staircase is very popular. There you can simply quite naturally sit and eat outside food and drinks. A very great atmosphere which is just beautiful. But unfortunately caused the nightly visit of hundreds of people also have some dirt there on the stairs, and this is therefore removed every morning by a cleaning company.

Cleaning costs very high!

Purification of the Rhine boulevards will cost proud 860000 euros per year! Incredibly this number! An exact how and why remains to be seen, since the City of Cologne, the cost does not want to publish in detail. Only a reserve of 100,000 for the removal of graffiti has been published in detail. One problem is supposedly the ordering and processing of "false" stones on the stairs. These are now well-porous and therefore must be abgespritz with a water radiator every day, so that red wine stains or other Sauerein can not fix until the stone. The actual necessary Versieglung the stones has namely allegedly been held. We are not an expert, but can we therefore only about wonder, is handled as here with the money of the City of Cologne and thus the citizens of Cologne. The city of Cologne is always needs money to lift to their budget and perhaps the old bed tax was also precisely because of this Rhine Boulevards yes reactivated ?! Love Cologne visitors and tourists: You must even now always pay your private visit to Cologne a tourism tax, then you should have it also at least once sat on the stairways in Köln Deutz! It is worthwhile in any case, and you have already paid for it ;)

Perfect evening at the Rhine

The can on this staircase absolutely recommend an evening! Buy in advance on the "Deutzer Freiheit" a delicious red wine or a cool Kölsch and something to nibble or just bring a picnic basket and enjoy the evening with a wonderful view of the cathedral! Quite cozy with friends or family! Can we recommend only! Welcome to Cologne! We look forward to you!

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