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Report on the gauge Cologne and the current flood

Again flood in Cologne

Levels continue to rise

On Thursday, the levels on the Rhine in the region were around and in Cologne still at about 7.60 meters. The water levels rose slowly, so that the population already began to breathe easily. But on the night of Friday, the situation changed dramatically again. At the morning measurement, which took place around 6:13, a new water level of 8.01 meters was measured. Thus, the Rhine crosses the 8-meter boundary for the second time in one month, which means that the residents will have to wait a bit.

Report about the Museum Ludwig in Cologne (Germany)

Museum Ludwig

Museum History

The museum goes back to two generous and art historically significant donations. In 1946 the lawyer, Josef Haubrich, from Cologne, bequeathed to the city a collection of works by German expressionists and representatives of classical modernism. He has saved the art described as "degenerate" before the national socialists. His collection was first included in the existing Wallraf-Richartz Museum.

Report on the Cologne Philharmonic (Cologne, Germany)

The Cologne Philharmonic

The construction of the Philharmonic

However, the above situation leads to the fact that louder noises are transmitted to the building on the floor of the Heinrich-Böll-Platz, such as pumps or cartons. For samples and concerts, therefore, the area above the Philharmonic must be monitored in such a way that no noise from the outside penetrates. Another problem is that the new subway of the city of Cologne should only be two meters below the concert hall. Here, too, noise has been a problem. As a result, the sound insulation below the room has to be greatly improved.


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