That was INTERMOT 2018

Intermot 2018

This year INTERMOT (International Motorcycle and Scooter Fair) celebrated its 20th birthday . INTERMOT , this is the second largest trade fair for motorized two-wheelers. It takes place every two years. While the fair took place in Munich between 1998 and 2004, the event location subsequently changed. Since then Cologne has been the venue in October. With the move to Kölnmesse , she returned to her homeland. It has its origin there.

LANXESS stock company based in Cologne


Lanxess stock company is one of the five major chemical groups in Germany. The company generated sales of 7.2 billion euros in 2018. Over 15,550 employees at 57 locations in 33 countries contribute to the success of the group. The foundation date was set on July 1st, 2004. Those responsible chose Cologne as the location. The headquarters are still here today. Lanxess can be found on the Internet at The website is very well structured and offers an excellent insight into the strategies of the group.


Witch trials in the city of Cologne


The Elector Ferdinand von Wittelsbach

Under Elector Ferdinand von Wittelsbach most of the death sentences were carried out (1577 - 1650). He had undergone priestly training but was not ordained and initially worked as an administrator. During his reign, the persecution of witches was not only tolerated but promoted. The elector thus had a decisive share of responsibility for the accumulation of witch trials in those lands for which he was responsible. By contrast, there were comparatively few witch trials in the Free Imperial City of Cologne.



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