Kreuzblumen of the Cologne Cathedral

Kreuzblume of the Cologne Cathedral

The well-known crucifers are a central shaft, which is surrounded by 2 different leaf creepers. They are among the most important sights. They date from the last construction phase of the Cologne Cathedral around the year 1880. So you can see a little longer. However, the plans go back to the well-known master builder Ernst Friedrich Zwirner, born in 1861, which was based on the already existing original, medieval outline of the façade. A great result was certain to him. In its design, the cross-flowers should have a diameter of around 5.20 meters. So it was actually thought.

Eleventh in the eleventh: Start of the carnival in Cologne!

Zülpicher Straße Karneval in Köln

For a long time people have been waiting for it: both the Cologne and thousands of tourists and guests from all countries of the world: the carnival hearts beat higher when at 11.11 am on the Cologne Heumark and on the Alter Markt the carnival session 2016 / 2017 will be opened! And for a good mood is ensured, because until 6.00 pm, many famous names from Cologne Carnival give the honor and bring the costume jecks free of charge in carnival mood and carnival. There you can listen to some of the best music in the world.


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