The carnival in cologne: Kölle Alaaf

The carnival of cologne is world famous!

The carnival in Cologne! called on kölsch "Fastelovend" he annually attracts many tourists to Cologne. Everyone wants to experience the Kölsche life, the joy and fun in Cologne Carnival once. Singing, dancing and "Bützen"!

The genesis of the Cologne Carnival is far back

In ancient times, so the winter was expelled. And already the Roman Cologne knew the fool ships, which were accompanied by about cavorting "revelers".
Do you also want to relive the carnival in Cologne, so you should seek an accommodation early. The room rates are in Cologne - at such special times - far higher than the normal price. So does a night in a hotel quickly even over a hundred euros per person! Certainly our apartments are at this time a little more expensive than normal, but here you pay still for two persons less than a in a hotel!

Ideal location of our apartments

The apartment Adolphstraße is not far from the Kölnarena / Lanxess Arena where every year there will be numerous, large carnival events. The accommodation in the Siegburger Str. (The apartments are just 1 minute walk apart) is ideally situated next to the Carnival on the Old Market to be experienced on the Heumarkt or in the Cologne Arena. We are pleased about your inquiry. A lot of information about our apartments and also a lot of pictures can be found on this website here!

The Carnival in Cologne is a unique experience

Everyone shall have made party in his life at the carnival in Cologne! Laughing, sway and have fun and maybe :) sometimes take a Bützchen. The fun is the top priority in the Cologne Carnival .