Why are holiday apartments or fair rooms good for Cologne?

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This is an interesting question and we would like to mention some positive and perhaps negative aspects on this subject. Basically, as a rental company of holiday apartments, we have a positive attitude :)

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Renting out holiday apartments is good for Cologne!

We are of the opinion that renting out holiday accommodation or exhibition rooms is good for Cologne and we can prove it. Enclosed you will find the positive aspects for the type of short-term rental in Cologne. Whereby we mean a rental with a minimum occupancy of three nights. So here are the pluses for a vacation home:

  • If the hotel beds in Cologne are fully booked, we can create additional capacities for tourists with our holiday apartments
  • We also make it possible for families - who may not be able to afford an expensive hotel stay - a great holiday in Cologne
  • We are also creating inexpensive overnight accommodations in Cologne for young people
  • With our additional bed offer, we are attracting even more people to Cologne
  • The guests of our holiday apartments increase the turnover for taxi drivers and the Cologne transport company
  • Our guests in the holiday apartment Cologne are also guests and visitors of Cologne museums or institutions and thus increase ticket sales.
  • Tourists in our holiday apartments buy in the local supermarkets, because you have the opportunity to prepare a meal in your own kitchen
  • Our overnight guests increase sales in fast food shops and restaurants in Cologne
  • We increase the income of the city of Cologne and the regional economy through our guests
  • We pay taxes to the tax office and thus strengthen the social community
  • We pay the bed tax (or now the culture tax ") to the city of Cologne and thus strengthen the existing structure in Cologne

Basically, we increase the turnover of the entire tourism industry in Cologne. We bring the city of Cologne and many other business people on site additional income through our holiday guests. The city of Cologne and its residents should be very grateful to us for our offer!

Geld nach Köln!

Are there any negative aspects of renting a holiday apartment in Cologne? After a few days of reflection and brainstorming, the following result was reached: NO! There are just a lot of allegations and allegations in the room. A scapegoat just had to be found. But do you really believe that vacation rental operators are actually to blame for the fact that living space is becoming more expensive or scarce? Have you ever noticed that in many cities simply too few apartments are or have been built.

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The building permits might not be there as quickly as it is necessary? Or could it also be due to the banks' low interest rate policy? Because you actually don't get any more interest in the bank for your money! And then? Do you buy stocks? No, too insecure .... Many people who have money just don't know what to do with it anymore and buy wildly real estate at overpriced prices and then increase the rents in order to "bring in" the money. All of this and certainly more aspects (population growth, etc.) lead to these problems that now exist. And it's not the fault of the apartments!

And what does the hotel industry in Cologne say about that?

The hotel industry is certainly not happy about the range of holiday apartments in Cologne, but new is not always bad ! Many things have changed and developed in the last few years of technical development and entire markets and industries have changed permanently. Is this bad? No, it has always been for the benefit of the consumer!

Do you think for a moment whether it was possible to bid for trousers, CDs or bicycles on the Internet in the early 1990s? Yes, exactly, Ebay didn't exist then and when it was introduced in Germany, of course, the entire auctioneer branch went on the barricades. But do you rate this opportunity to bid for items on the Internet as negative? No, the Internet opens up completely new possibilities for consumers and also for us as landlords of holiday apartments. The tourism industry and the hotel industry must and will adapt. This is all to your advantage!

The rental of the Cologne holiday apartment can therefore be rated absolutely positively! Ferienwohnung-Koeln.com looks forward to your inquiry!

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