Ferienwohnung Köln introduces: The German Sport University

Here in Cologne among the students she is simply called SpoHo . It is unique, just like our beautiful city. There is only one port university in Germany and we have it! It was founded in 1920 by August Bier and Carl Diem in distant Berlin. This was followed by a clever move to the Rhine. The Cologne University started with the founding rector Carl Diem in 1947. Heiko Strüder has been rector of the German Sport University since 2014 and Ms. Angelika Claßen has also been the official chancellor since 2014.

The facts

The sponsorship is state and unique. With around 874 employees and around 6,000 students, the SpoHo is an impressive figure in the university landscape. The Cologne Sport University emerged in 1947 from the "German University for Physical Exercise" founded in 1920. There is enough space for sports exercises on an area of ​​around 30,000 m². The seat is in Cologne Müngersdorf . In 1997 its own central library was opened. Since 2000, the official name "European Sports University" has even been in effect. The SpoHo experienced a special expansion in 2006: a wonderful athletics facility (the NetCologne Stadium) was opened.

The logo of the Sporthochschule Köln consists of a Greek temple and four pillars. The pillars represent four special values: the strong, the true, the good and of course the beautiful!

The location

The sports university is located in Cologne Müngersdorf, a beautiful and popular district of Cologne. It is located directly on a large sports park, which also includes the Müngersdorfer Stadium.

Köln Müngersdorf


If you determine the number of all scientific institutes and the number of enrolled students, you come to an unbelievable result: The DSHS is actually the largest sports university in the world! The "European College of Sport Science" from Nice has been affiliated since 1995.

What can you study there?

At SpoHo you can take a variety of subjects. The twenty scientific institutes offer subjects from the following areas:

  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • Medical and natural science
  • Educational Sciences

If you study there "to become a teacher", you meet the requirements to teach physical education at any type of school in Germany. At the sports university there is a right to post a doctorate and a doctorate .

The well-known sports aptitude test

And now it's getting interesting! If you want to study at SpoHo, you have to show that you are a sporty type! The notorious sports aptitude test has already been presented a number of times in the media and every now and then causes astonishment and funny scenes in the park in Lindenthal or Müngersdorf. The so-called "sport motor performance" is offered exactly twice a year and is valid for three years. The following sports are checked:

  • Setback game (tennis, table tennis or badminton)
  • A team sport (basketball, hockey, handball, soccer or volleyball)
  • Gymnastics
  • Swimming
  • Athletics

What absolutely has to be passed is the endurance run! And again just 19 of 20 other sub-disciplines! As you can see, it's not that easy and anyone who studies there is really fit!

The institutes

The following institutes are available at SpoHo:

  • Communication skills of the sports
  • Sports informatics and training science
  • Dance and movement culture
  • Sports law
  • Sports management and economics
  • Sports history
  • School sports and sports didactics
  • Sociology and gender research
  • Psychological Institute
  • Physiology and Anatomy
  • Pedagogy and Philosophy
  • Nature sports and ecology
  • Sports medicine and cardiovascular research
  • Communication and media research
  • Leisure research and European sport development
  • Biomechanics and Orthopedics
  • Biochemistry
  • Exercise and sports gerontology
  • Movement and Neuroscience
  • Prevention and rehabilitation and exercise therapy
  • Doping analysis
  • Quality assurance prevention and rehabilitation
  • Workplace health promotion (BGF)
  • Inclusion through exercise and sport
  • Sustainable sport development
  • Research Center for Competitive Sports
  • Neuroplasticity and Neuromechanics
  • Gender competence center
  • PE teacher training center
  • Health Center
  • Physiology in space
  • Olympic Studies
  • Doping research

Well-known personalities

Who famous taught or studied at the sports college?

  • Klaus Zander (basketball player)
  • Alexandra Wester (long jumper)
  • Martyna Trajdos (judoka)
  • Christian Tews (TV actor)
  • Erich Rutenmöller (soccer coach)
  • Martin Rütter (dog trainer)
  • Marion Rodewald (hockey player)
  • Erich Ribbeck (soccer player and coach)
  • Detlef Poste (badminton trainer)
  • Bernhard Peters (sports official)
  • Peter Neururer (soccer coach)
  • Ulrike Nasse-Meyfarth (high jumper)
  • Claus Lufen (sports reporter)
  • Hannes Löhr (soccer coach)
  • Fabian Hambüchen (gymnast)
  • Kai Ebel (sports presenter)
  • Christoph Daum (soccer coach)
  • Frank Buschmann (moderator)

This list is not exhaustive and only shows some of the best-known personalities who have already moved on the Sports University in Cologne !

The football miracle

It was a project that came about in cooperation with our great "German Sport University". It was supposed to promote school sport and dates from 2011/2012. It is particularly popular, as shown by the registration of more than 500 teams for the football tournament in 2012/2013. In 2015/2016 the absolute success with a worldwide record of more than 1100 registered teams!









Zeitwohnen Köln

Looking for an apartment

And when you have received one of the coveted places at SpoHo, the search for an apartment in the cathedral city will start right away. And it has it all or is not that easy at all! In the meantime, our furnished apartments in Cologne Braunsfeld are ideal! You can rent this for sublease until you have found a suitable apartment. So you live for a limited period in fully furnished and furnished apartments in the direct vicinity of the Sport University Cologne. This is called Zeitwohnen Köln ! We look forward to your inquiry.

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