Bed and breakfast

Bed and breakfast is a term that comes from the English-speaking countries and means that you rented to strangers or individuals his property. Especially in England, it was common - and even to some extent English tradition - a breakfast with offer to the night. Also, and it was used under the terminology Bed'n'Breakfast or just short B & B. As so-called B & B you will find, however, this variant of the accommodation rather rare, since it is more common in Germany just the property for rent and offer no breakfast.

Pension or Guest House

Another variant or chipping is the Private Pension or Guesthouse . These guest houses are also available in Germany quite often, where you then have to pay a breakfast extra.

B & B is a specific rental period

The B & B is a very specific type of rental or a hotel operation, which is just more likely to find in the English-speaking world, where it is still operated quite professional. Either bed and breakfast or even "falf board" for half board and "full board" for full board. Something you will not find in Germany but in the United States or in South Africa generally.

B&B Cologne
Not so often in cologne: B&B

Change to the apartment Cologne

The then term B & B or guest room or bed and breakfast is now somewhat become out of fashion. The company speaks today more of an apartment Cologne or Köln Messe Room if you want to stay in the cathedral city. Both are usually offered always without breakfast. It's simply about the provision of housing. And that's just now a rather moot point in the major cities of Germany. Thanks Airbnb (there it is again ...) or Wimdu can now also private individuals quickly and easily their furnished apartment advertise on the Internet and get a good money. A thorn in the side of the hotel, since this course the guests fail because they stay much rather in a great apartment (with the almost same service) and also save money too.

Even the cities this is of course a thorn in the side, as they lose sales tax. Many private citizens rent the apartments "illegal" because they do not pay tax on the income ... and of course that is not fair. Man now so trying such owner - the work on the control over - identify or refer the case even prohibit (this being the wrong way is quite obvious). Rather, one should portals like Airbnb and Wimdu simply to continue to retain the necessary control easy and pay it to the tax office.

Bed and breakfast Köln

Bed and breakfast Köln

Bed and breakfast Köln

Bed and breakfast Köln

Bed ´n´ Breakfast at the present time

As stated above, the term B & B is under threat in Germany from extinction. Much more common and well accepted are still the following keywords (including the Internet):

  • holiday rental
  • fair apartments
  • accommodation

Also, we really only rent furnished flats for residential purposes, because with us there is no breakfast, no reception or no laundry as classical manner is always offered in regular overnight accommodation. We are the Holiday Cologne and look forward to your inquiry! Welcome to the cathedral city!

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