A holiday home in Cologne?

Looking for a Holiday Home Cologne ? Well, let's just go into what you mean by a holiday home.

Especially in the north or south of Germany, holiday homes are very common. It is therefore a house where you as a guest can spend your holidays . This, of course, for a predetermined period and a reasonable tenant or payment. Most of these houses are built only for rent to holiday guests.

Are there also holiday homes in Cologne????

Advantages of a holiday home

Just like our holiday apartments , having a holiday home gives you the opportunity to get to know the country and its people better. Because then you live there for the period of your vacation there too and may need to shop in the supermarket for food and drinks so come automatically in contact with the people and the local culture. Depending on the holiday region, the holiday homes are of course also built in different ways:

  1. on the Baltic Sea may be more of a bath villa
  2. more like an alpine hut in the mountains
  3. in North Germany a Reethus
  4. in Spain stands the finca
  5. a cottage in England
  6. and much more

You can also book this type of holiday accommodation in a hotel business, where you are often called simply Villas. In the hotel facilities, of course, there is the complete hotel service, but then you have a complete area just for yourself, so clearly more privacy.

Booking process

In the holiday season, many holiday homes are sold on a weekly basis, as another type of rental is not economical for the owners. In contrast to our holiday apartments Cologne , the additional costs for a holiday home usually have to be paid extra. In the past, the bookings were usually carried out on site by any organizer, but today such a procedure is usually unusual.

The complete process is handled via the Internet , where you can book holiday accommodation accordingly on holiday portals. Either you book directly with the owner or via a placement agency, where then perhaps a processing fee is payable. Please inform yourself in advance.

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In the cathedral city you will find more apartments or apartments!

Holiday homes in Cologne

You probably will not find such a kind of accommodation in the cathedral city so often. For tourists who come to Cologne live mostly in apartments . We are in a big city and therefore do not have too much open space for holiday homes. Often you can rent here in large apartments, lofts or penthouse variants. And then either in the context of a short-term rental or even on a monthly basis ( time living ), if you maybe just three or have to live in Cologne for four months.

Not in the center

Of course, this type of rental will not be in the center of Cologne . There is simply no room for holiday homes and we are not sure how the city of Cologne would react to it if they formally apply for such a rental. In the context of the unfortunately still valid prohibition of use of the city (in our opinion is not correct), the city wants to prevent that I can do with my property, what I want.

Do we live in a free constitutional state?

Exactly, you read that right : I'm not allowed to do what I want, but I'm forced to fulfill certain requirements of the city of Cologne. Do we live in a free constitutional state? One may doubt it. Precisely for these reasons, you will probably not find holiday homes in the city. But maybe in Cologne Dünnwald or Cologne Dellbrück , which is a bit out of the way ,



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Accommodation in the city center of Cologne!

You want to walk to the cathedral? You want to walk to the fair? Then book our Apartment Cologne , then you can easily reach the Cologne Cathedral on foot! Just cross the Rhine over the Deutzer bridge and stroll through the old town. In about 14 minutes you have reached the cathedral! We look forward to your inquiry!

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