FIBO Power Cologne

The FIBO Power is an event, which lures thousands of enthusiastic of Bodybuilding and Fitness people every year to Cologne.

For the first time in 1985 came the fair for the fitness fan to Cologne. International guests and exhibitors came to Cologne and were guests in our city. Unfortunately, the exhibition then moved in 1991 to a city called Essen. But we would not be Cologne Rhinelander, if we did not fight, and we have the fair again brought back to the Rhine.

This is very good for the city, as the international guests also properly stimulate the economy course in Cologne. All require accommodation and good food and a tasty Kölsch. And at the accommodation, because of course we come into play. Our apartments are so close to the fair that you are ideal for exhibitors and visitors.

At the FIBO Cologne living in our accommodation cologne!

Contact therefore early with us and for a request of a free quote, so that you can visit on foot the fair halls comfortably! Yes exactly, you read that right! You walk to the fair! An overview of our apartments which are very close to the fair, you will find here on this website!

Over 700 exhibitors and more than 100,000 visitors this year were probably in Cologne.

The latest fitness trends are presented and from A (for endurance training) to Z (for Zumba) there is for everyone something to see!. But expect a large crowd, especially at the weekend. I made this photo at the weekend FIBO 2015 and it speaks for itself!

FIBO Cologne
Big crowd at the FIBO Power Cologne

We were this year (2015) also at FIBO and have seen Rich Piana live! My God, who is HULK? Forget him because that guy is incredible! Take a look at this video and you will be amazed!

But that FIBO it is not just about bodybuilding but also about fitness and body control and training. We were very impressed, of course, from the "King of the bar" event! A really super performance, what these athletes can make there on the bar!