Fachhochschule cologne

In Cologne not only Carnival is celebrated, but here you can also learn something! We are a university town and have many colleges that represent a good education. In addition to the Sport University and the University of Cologne, there is in Cologne the "Fachhochschule Köln" and now with new name: the Technical University of Cologne. This has four campus locations (under a Campus in Deutz ) and is the largest university of applied sciences in Germany!

Facts and courses in Cologne

The Institute of Technology offers more than 23,000 enrolled students a wide range of possible fields of study: it goes from design, through humanities to engineering! Teachers there are well over 400, and these are distributed precisely on the four campuses (downtown, Deutz, Gummersbach and Leverkusen). The main research areas are diverse and go specifically from the point "Media Worlds" (Media Research and Media Education) to work design and "software quality".

Living at the University of Applied Sciences or in Deutz

Due to the high rush and the multitude of students in Cologne, is almost always the need for a long time after a appropriate apartment to look. So you should at an early stage to deal with the current rentals and contact the Cologne student union. A small room near the college will cost more than 200 euros and a suitable apartment near the school more than 300 euros. This one should know and be set previously it!

Established and prominence

The college was (exactly on August 01) founded in 1971, and the official address is: Claudius Straße 1, 50678 Köln.
Among the best known graduates is included Wolfgang Niedecken, who is famous in the music industry as a band leader of Kölsch group "BAP".