Shopping around the Neumarkt

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Shop on Schildergasse, Hohe Strasse and Co

Shopping in Cologne

When talking about a cozy shopping spree in Cologne , many people think directly of the surrounding area around the Neumarkt or the Cologne Cathedral . Shopping streets such as Schildergasse and Hohe Strasse promise a successful but at the same time pleasant and varied day with their numerous shops, stores and restaurants. The diversity of the various shops and boutiques, the taste in fashion is met by almost every customer, from shops such as Primarque and Zara to shops like Michael Kors and Louis Vuitton is almost everything. Also, many different price ranges , from cheap to expensive, are covered and offered.

Connection to public transport

As is often the case in Cologne, Neumarkt is also connected to public transport or regional transport . Bus, train and taxi are just a few of them. If you decide to take a tram ride, you will be able to return to our apartments in just a few minutes. However, if you want to travel by train, that's no problem either. A few streets away is the Cologne Cathedral with the Cologne Central Station and thus a wide range of possibilities of train connections and connections. Even the main train station itself is teeming with shops and shops. In addition to shops like Douglas and the like, fast food chains such as Mc Donalds, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) or Dunkin Donuts offer a cheap snack in between, before the train continues for you. For people who like to eat soft ice cream, the Mc Sunday by Mc Donalds is a real insider tip: it only costs one euro, but still tastes very good.

As you can see, the Neumarkt with its shopping streets is located in the center of Cologne and is thus very easy to reach by public transport, but also within a few minutes on foot. Other ways of getting around are renting a bike or car. Inform yourself beforehand which variant you prefer. Most lending is very easy, and also via the Internet or an app on your smartphone can be handled. Also tourist attractions such as rickshaw bikes or tourist trains are a unique but useful experience. Would you like to know more about the attractions in Cologne and look at them, but do not walk the long distance? Then the trip with a tourist bus is just right for you. When the weather is good, the roofs of these buses are usually opened, allowing the fresh air in.

Shopping Cologne

Shops around the Neumarkt

Around the Neumarkt you will find a large number of shops and shops. Almost every price range is represented here and covered. To give you an idea of ​​the variety of shops, here are some stores with their features and price ranges. A very well-known and also with many people extremely popular chain is TK Maxx . It is not only present in many different cities throughout Germany, but also has a good reputation abroad. One of the many special features of the shop is, for example, the gigantic selection of clothes, jewelery, bags, accessories, make-up, accessories, furniture, toys, decorative items, shoes, and much more. Many of the products are divided into the categories men, women and children. But also the unbeatable prices of many articles let customers rush into the business: with TK Maxx everything is basically reduced. You will also find a variety of branded products such as Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste or Ralph Lauren for a reasonable price. Nevertheless, is my tip for this business: Take your time! Because only those who look for and search long will find a real and unbeatable bargain.

Shopping Cologne

Shopping Cologne

The decoration shop DEPOT and more

Right next to TK Maxx is the decoration shop DEPOT . It is not as big as its gigantic neighbor, but still offers some articles. In the cellar of the famous Neumarktgalerie there is also a shop of the famous Lidl discounter series. Here you will find in addition to the normal assortment also cheap baked goods and drinks, which are usually sufficient for a snack after a long shopping day. If you like to have more choice, you will also find various fruit stands, yoghurt or ice cream stands with self-service or a store in the Backwerk range. At Backwerk you will find various products such as rolls, bread, sandwiches with salad, cheese, salami, etc. and sweet desserts such as donuts, Berliners, Americans, and much more. There is a wide choice that covers sweet as well as hearty food for the small appetite.

Make-up and hygiene

Another store that is more frequently represented in these shopping streets is the drugstore market DM. Here you will find all make-up products, hygiene products such as soap, deodorant etc., which can sometimes be extremely beneficial after a long shopping spree on a summer's day.

The Zalando Outlet

Similar to the TK Maxx Store, the Zalando Outlet , which is located a few blocks away and was recently opened in Cologne, is a popular destination for many customers. Returned items from the Zalando online shop or second-hand products are sold at relatively low prices. Mostly you can not look at the products' flaws, so it's always worthwhile browsing the shelves of this store. Sneakers from brands such as Nike or Adidas, shirts from brands such as Tommy Hilfiger or Lacoste, are often to be found for a low price. However, the following always applies: Each product is a unique piece . What is sold is gone.

Even so, exchanging the products for a credit that can only be redeemed at the Zalando Outlet is possible in most cases. The general exchange of many products is possible within two weeks. Covered are women's items and men's items, the category children is usually not represented in this business. Another special feature of this business is the subdivision of the articles in "normal" brands such as Nike, Adidas, etc. and "more expensive" brands such as Versace, Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry and much more. Depending on how much money you are willing to spend, finding a suitable item in the right price range is much easier.

Welcome to ZARA

The ZARA store series is also a popular shopping destination for many adolescents, adults and children alike. With fancy designs, many of the trendy clothes are a real eye-catcher. The business is subdivided into a department for ladies, a department for men and another, separate department for children. The clothes are in an affordable price range, but are still slightly more expensive than clothing comparable countries such as H & M or Bershka, but more later. ZARA has a very large selection of beautiful and seasonal tops, pants, shoes, jackets, bags and accessories. Also branded perfumes can be purchased in most stores and promise a long lasting and good smell for a fair price. Especially the bags are a very good option for the most fair price. They last a relatively long time and look even more modern and trendy.

Shopping Cologne

Shopping Cologne

And on to H&M

In addition to ZARA, the numerous H & M chain stores in Cologne also promise a wide variety of fashion. From regular jumpers, trousers, to fancy items, jewelry, underwear, swimwear and much more, you can get beautiful items for a fair price depending on the season. Again, there is something for everyone, whether man, woman or child. The articles are made in different countries. It should always be aware of whether the value is more on the price, or the quality of the products.

Cheap Shopping

If you still want to buy cheap clothes then you should not miss stores like TallyWeijl, New Yorker or Primark . Primark Primark, a gigantic business that spans several floors of the Neumarkt Gallery, attracts many customers almost magically. Here everyone should agree with themselves how much money one is willing to spend on a top, for example, and what quality one hopes for. Nevertheless, Primark also has a large assortment of modern garments, but also beauty products such as sticky eyelashes and fingernails. In the checkout area you will often find sweets or other trifles such as hair ties and hair clips.

The TallyWeijl Shop is known for its particularly slim and small failing clothes. It is especially good to shop here, if you have a small height or a slim figure. Nevertheless, many of the clothes are of inferior quality and hold only one season or a washing process. Shirts are usually transparent and jeans like to run a little faster. Nevertheless, many of the garments are beautiful to look at, so you should decide for yourself what to focus on and focus on.

New Yorker has a similar structure to TallyWeijl or Primarkt and also has a low price range. Nevertheless, it is also to say that many of the clothes already lose quality after a few washes. Prints are easier than other products and the smell of the clothes is often chemical. Nevertheless, an advantage of this chain is the low price and the guaranteed topicality of the products. If you are looking for a modern outfit for a season, this is the place for you. For example, if you are looking for a pair of jeans that you want to have for many years without being worn out, losing color, or tearing, you should visit stores like Levis and co.

Exclusive stores in Cologne

For the people who like to spend more money, stores like Peek and Cloppenburg, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Levis, Guess, United Colors of Benetton and similar stores are a great option Peek and Cloppenburg is a shop that represents many different brands. These are usually a bit more expensive. Just by the extravagant building made of glass, this store definitely catches the eye. It is a good option if you do not want to commit yourself directly to a brand, but like to compare prices, articles and the like. So a wide range of products is guaranteed, and hopefully you'll quickly find something that you like. Peek and Cloppenburg are subdivided into a department for women, a department for men and also an area for children and adolescents.

Louis Vuitton , on the other hand, only represents its own brand in its stores. Particularly striking is the luxurious presentation of the business. Everywhere is full of security, so that the expensive products such as handbags, jewelry, bracelets, shoes or even clothing, can not be stolen. Since the choice of products in many stores is usually limited, you should first check the Internet to find out which product you like best and have it delivered to the Louis Vuitton store of your choice, to see it there and, if so, to buy it to be able to.

Michael Kors is a designer known to many people for his beautiful bags. But here, too, there are a variety of products. From clothes to watches, jewelery, eyewear, key chains, purses and much more everything is here.

Levis is a brand that is especially known for a variety of high quality jeans products. Whether jeans, denim jacket, denim jacket with teddy fur or simple T-shirts, belts, down jackets or accessories. There is something for everyone, whether man, woman or child. The articles usually last for several years and are therefore often worth their price. Especially the jeans of this brand speak for themselves.

Also Guess is a popular brand with a shop in Cologne. She is especially known for her logo, which consists of an inverted triangle. Often this is also found as a big pressure on T-shirts or as a small metal plate on clothes or pants.

The United Colors of Benetton brand is known for its sleek yet appealing design. Here you can find beautiful basics on which to build your stylish outfit of the season.

Shopping Cologne

Shopping Cologne

Large Department Stores in Cologne's City Center

If you want to have everything in one go, big stores like Galeria Kaufhof or Karstadt are a good option. Here you will find a huge selection of different brands, whether they produce clothes, porcelain or household goods. But especially through a large perfume department with many expensive brands such as Gucci, YSL or HERMES, the shops are attractive. Also, a huge toy department is luring many young and old children to lead their mothers or fathers to the upper floors of department stores. Whether Barbie, Schleich, Playmobil or Lego Star Wars, the toy department of the shops is a true dream of many children and a great way to shop for Christmas or birthday presents. Not only for the little ones is something, of course, many products are offered for men and women.

The high-end makeup brand MAC

There is also a store of the well-known Makeup brand MAC . MAC is a high-end makeup brand that offers high-quality makeup. A single lipstick already costs as much as 25 euros to give you a better idea of ​​the price. Nevertheless, these are usually kiss-proof and last for several hours, so it is worthwhile to invest in one of these lipsticks every time. Also, the choice of colors is very large: there is almost no color that you will not find here. From a bright red to purple, pink, yellow, green and blue everything is here. Also special variations with glitter or shimmer can be found. Another well-known product of this brand is the Fixingspray Fix Plus. It promises a long-lasting makeup and a dull complexion.

Topshop Cologne in the Kaufhof

Topshop is a foreign label, which has also been represented in Cologne since the beginning of 2019. It is located in the Galeria Kaufhof building, but also extends over several floors. Especially famous is the label for its jeans, which promise a very good seat. Also, the clothes are of high quality, as it is not China goods. The garments are very unusual and modern and are based on the latest trends. The special thing about Topshop is that you can not only buy your own brand products here, but also other brands like Adidas or Nike.

Although many products of the shops listed above are also available online, it is often more appropriate and cheaper to start a shopping tour in the Cologne interior. . Here you have all the shops in one place and can successively inspect the products you are interested in. When it comes to clothes, trying on is often useful, as different brands are often different in size. Also, it is not as damaging to the environment as ordering over the Internet, as there is no parcel shipping and possible returns.

Shopping Cologne

Shopping Cologne

Shopping Cologne

Restaurants and food

Also, a wide range of restaurants and dining options are available in Cologne. Whether it's a portion of fries on the hand or a fancy meal in the evening: There's something for everyone. Fast food chains like Mc Donalds or Burger King are not uncommon in the city. For little money you get here a whole breakfast, lunch or just a snack in between for little money. Although the food is not necessarily healthy or low in calories , it does taste good every time. Also various shops of the chain Subway are represented. Here you will find many different sandwiches, breads and dishes. In addition to all pizzerias, burger shops and fries or bratwurst stalls, you will also find shops like Vapiano.

With a cozy atmosphere and delicious, yet affordable food, Vapiano provides a great opportunity to round off your shopping day . Nevertheless, some similarities with a fast food restaurant can be discovered. Starbucks is a good place to start if you're looking for a delicious coffee or a piece of cake or a piece. Although the products are not necessarily inexpensive, but taste the better. In addition, the image of the chain attracts many customers. Especially gladly bought, especially in the summer, are the different sodas similar juices with ice and fruits. But the coffees with their different milk and cream creations in all flavors are worth trying.

Bakeries and Dunkin Donuts

In addition to the shops listed above, some bakeries are also represented on Hohe Strasse and Schildergasse. For example, Dunkin Donuts is a shop that offers a variety of donut creations that you can only imagine. Although there are also normal donuts, but the most interesting are those that are decorated with smileys and faces. Also, there are different donuts with frosting in different colors and which with other, beautiful ornaments. Whether blue, yellow, green or pink, with strawberry, raspberry, vanilla or lemon flavor .... They all taste good . The different particles can be purchased either individually or in bags and boxes. For example, if you buy a box of 12 donuts, the price you pay will decrease. So it's always worthwhile putting your friends or acquaintances together and getting yourself a box instead of paying everyone for themselves.

Shopping Cologne

Great offer in Cologne

Apart from these, most famous chains and restaurants you can find many more shops where you can eat well. Try out the shops and let round off your successful shopping before you simply take the tram or walk across the Rhine to Deutz go back to your apartment or go. For more tips and business opportunities, also outside the Schildergasse and the area around the cathedral, you are welcome to visit our website . This is where the best places, squares, cafes, boutiques, events and restaurants in Cologne are presented, so you will not miss any attraction on your next trip. Because, as the saying goes: The early bird catches the worm . Inform yourself before your holiday about your destination and the most beautiful places, holiday apartment Cologne makes it possible for you! If you do so, your next trip to Cologne will definitely be worth the trip and will be remembered positively by you.


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