Apartments colognes informs: Tipps and infos

As we already know something about Cologne , we would like to provide you with some insider tips and recommendations about our beautiful cathedral city . This list is constantly being extended, if time permits! Because sometimes it is a bit stressful with the work of our Apartments Cologne!

Our recommendations

Certainly the tastes are different, but certain attractions in the metropolis on the Rhine you just have to see. Just pick the tips and recommendations that appeal to you the most and plan an interesting visit! Have fun discovering.

Great cafes in Cologne

Of course there are numerous cafes in Cologne and therefore we would like to briefly introduce you to some of them. But what is especially important at a cafe? The location? Equipment? The prices? We think the healthy mix makes a really good cafe! off to the Cologne Cafe Info


The best bars in Cologne

As mentioned in the Nightlife section, there are a large number of bars in Cologne. Which are especially recommended? We want to give you some recommendations here and think to make such a great evening possible! and here are the bar tips

Beautiful parks and green spaces

Cologne not only has a lot of cold stone buildings to offer, but also a great variety of great parks and green areas that invite you to relax. There are also free zoos in the middle of the green. Here are the green oases of Cologne .

The Millowitsch Theater in Cologne

It is one of the most famous theaters of Cologne. The Millowitsch Theater! It has become known throughout Germany because of popular folk actor Willy Millowitsch. Here are still regularly performed funny plays that make the audience laugh. Read about the Millowitsch Theater !

The Mustard Museum in Cologne

This museum is as extraordinary as the Chocolate Museum in Cologne and certainly unique in its kind. Have fun in the historic mustard mill Cologne !

The Melatenfriedhof

It is the largest cemetery in Cologne: The Melatenfriedhof . Here are the rich and famous people (including Willy Millowitsch) from Cologne.

The Jewish community

Here you will find the history and more information about the Jewish Community in Cologne .

The 1st FC Cologne

The football club of our city! Read the full story 1.FC Cologne .

SC Fortuna Cologne

The eternal number two in the cathedral city. A short report to our beloved Südstadt-Verein SC Fortuna Köln .

Restaurants in Cologne

As we have already written in the column "Die Kölner Küche", there are quite a few restaurants in the cathedral city, which daily reap the rewards of the customers. We want to present the absolute cracker here and hope to have met your taste. Click here for the Restaurant Tips

The Kölsch

Kölsch is the beer of Cologne! Read here about Kölsch !

Our dialect

Kölsch you can not just drink! No, you can speak it too. Find out more about our dialect " Kölsch "!

The Best Techno Club in Germany!

That too can be found in our city! The best electronic dance music club: The Boathouse !

The TOP 5 City Tours

Which tours are especially recommended? Unless you want to explore the cathedral city on your own, here are some important information. Enjoy the city tours in Cologne

Free through the cathedral city

Here are some suggestions for free things to do in the cathedral city. Free in Cologne on the go!

Skateparks in the cathedral city

Cologne is getting cooler and offers many free spaces for skating. Here you can Skating in Cologne!

Rhine navigation in Cologne

There is nothing better to do on a great summer day in Cologne a trip with a passenger ship on the Rhine. To the report on the KD ships.

The Rhine

He divides the cathedral city into two parts! It's always good for summer: The Rhine.

The Claudius Therme

Such a city trip in Cologne can make you pretty tired. Treat yourself to relaxation, rest and wellness in the Claudius Therme.

The Cologne Lights

Every year we are Cologne and of course the whole tourist excited, whether equal to this grandiose fireworks, which takes place on the Rhine. Here is a short report on the Kölner Lichter .

Breweries in Cologne

Cologne likes to drink Kölsch beer and it is served out of the barrel in the breweries! Here are a few breweries from Cologne. Click here for the breweries .

The Cologne Cable Car

It certainly counts to one of the top 10 sights of Cologne! The cable car, which connects the zoo and the flora with the Rheinpark in Deutz. Here you will find the story of the Kölner Seilbahn .

Cologne attractions

Here they are summarized again quickly: the highlights of the city! Landmarks

The journey to the carnival capital

Many ways lead to ... us :) Here are some info you can use for the travel to Cologne .

Cologne / Bonn Airport

He is a very important point for traffic in the Cologne region. The Cologne Airport !

Cologne Central Station

He too is a major transportation hub in our city. The Cologne Central Station !

The ICE train station Cologne Messe / Deutz

The perfect connection to the fair and of course to our apartments! The station in Cologne Deutz !

Cologne public transport

You can travel well in the cathedral city by public transport. Here's a lot of info and facts about the KVB .

The weather in Cologne

How is the weather in the beautiful city on the Rhine? We are located in the so-called Cologne Bay and there is a lot of weather data. Click here for Cologne weather .

The University of Cologne

The University of Cologne is well-known and popular and the almost 50,000 students are livening up the city! Here is the full story of the University of Cologne .

The University Hospital

A huge hospital in the middle of the cathedral city. We introduce the Uniklink. Click here for the University Hospital Report .

The Cologne Sport University - also called SpoHo!

Unique in Germany and of course again in the cathedral city to find! Here are the sportiest students of Germany: at the Sports College .

The broker is wanted?

Of course, a man of this profession in Kölle is particularly active! Here is sold and bought, so fast you can not see! Housing prices are exploding in the megacity! Everyone wants to move to the Rhine and experience something. Do you want to buy a flat? Then the broker Cologne will help.

The TV channel RTL

In our media city, there are of course many TV channels. One of them is RTL Television . Enjoy reading.

The Westdeutscher Rundfunk in Cologne

It is the biggest station in our media city! Read all about WDR here. Enjoy reading.

The racecourse in Weidenpesch

This is where the mail really goes! Fast horses and good food tempt you to the gallop racecourse in Weidenpesch .

The organic markets in the city

In the cathedral city you live healthy! Why not visit a organic or organic market