Christmas markets in cologne

Every year open in Cologne numerous Christmas markets . Then you determine, among other things on Rudolfplatz, on the Heumarkt, Neumarkt or around the Cologne Cathedral the city's image. Festive scenes and atmospheric Christmas music create an unforgettable experience in Cologne. Many tourists from around the world travel extra to experience the city of Cologne in this Christmas atmosphere. The oldest of the many Christmas markets in Cologne is on the Neumarkt.

Especially nice is among other things the ancient Christmas market at the Chocolate Museum in Cologne. Again, Our holiday apartments are once again a suitable accommodation , since you can reach the Christmas markets at the cathedral, at the Heumarkt or at the Chocolate Museum on foot. All our apartments we rent very happy and look forward to your inquiry.

Overview of all christmas marktes in cologne

There are a lot of marktes, where you can go. We wenat to show you some of them!

  • the christmas market at the cathedral
  • The floating Christmas market (on the MS Wappen von Köln) (unfortunately no longer takes place)
  • The Port Christmas market next to the Chocolate Museum in Cologne
  • The Christmas market on Alter Markt (The Heinzelmännchen Christmas market)
  • The Christmas market on Neumarkt (The market of the angels)
  • The Christmas market on the city garden
  • The Christmas Market at Rudolfplatz in Cologne ("Fairy Tale Christmas Market")
  • and still quite new, the "Christmas Avenue" at the Schaafenstraße (gay lesbian Christmas Market)

All Christmas markets have your own style and are very particularly. So is the Christmas market at the Cologne Cathedral one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in the whole of Cologne because it takes place in addition to a stunning backdrop. Located next to the Cologne Cathedral and always in the middle of the market with a huge, decorated Christmas tree, you will not forget this market in any case! With live music and culinary delights not only of Cologne, it is absolutely worth a visit! And the good is you can visit the market on foot as our apartments are located just 15 minutes away on foot. So drinking mulled wine is absolutely no problem! The Christmas market at the Cologne Cathedral is the most popular and most visited Christmas Market in Germany!

Something different

Something completely different was of course the "floating Christmas market of Cologne". It took place on the MS crest of Cologne and invited in a floating world of Christmas. Since 2012, the market no longer takes place. Maybe he is but soon summoned once again to life.

The harbor Christmas market

The Port Christmas market is also a very special Christmas market, which from other Christmas markets stand out: Of course, here the scenery plays again an important role. The Christmas market is located directly on the Rhine and offers a lot of manual work and artistic manufactured goods. For a great atmosphere not only ensures the Rhine, but also a large wooden ship! Also the harbor Christmas market can be easily reached on foot from our apartments! Simply walk across the Deutzer bridge and along the Rhine bank! Located next to the Chocolate Museum of Cologne and the German sports museum.

Heumarkt and Alter Markt

And still a classic: The Christmas market on the Heumarkt and Alter Markt. The "Heinzelmännchen market". Already since 1820 finds there this traditional Christmas market in Cologne. You will be enchanted by a beautiful atmosphere! Also this Christmas Market is reachable of course by foot from of our apartments in Cologne. Just go from the apartments over the Deutzer bridge and stand directly on the Christmas market. Walk about 9 minutes!

In the weeks before Christmas is usually always a Sunday shopping! Then you can also combine the visit to the Christmas market just a little shopping tour.

The angel market

So beautiful Christmas market is very centrally located in the city, namely on the Neumarkt, the major transportation hub of Cologne. From there you can also reach the shopping street of Cologne via Schildergasse. The Schildergasse and the Hohe Straße are known throughout Germany as one of the most successful shopping streets. The Christmas market is called Engel Market and really radiates a wonderful Christmas atmosphere. Hundreds of stars are decorated and turned on in the many tall trees on the Neumarkt. This creates a romantic and festive Christmas atmosphere. In addition to sales and craft houses can be found on this Christmas market, of course, everything to satisfy his hunger. Lots of pastries but also hearty meals are washed down with a delicious mulled wine. This Christmas market is always a wonderful way for children to ride on the carousel. Incidentally, the market is also easy to reach for people with disabilities, as it is barrier-free.

On Rudolfplatz

Directly at the Hahnentorburg is another Christmas market in Cologne. This Christmas market is not very big but due to its central location many people visit it. Many many small stalls here offer all sorts of space in delights. There are always rides for the children. Therefore, this Christmas market is of course relatively popular with families. Furthermore, the connection to the public transport is optimal.

Christmas at the Stadtgarten

In the popular "Belgian Veedel" in Cologne is the so-called Stadtgarten. This turns into a real Christmas paradise in the Advent season . Because all trees in the park are decorated and lure the families with their children, but also singles and couples in a real Christmas village. In this Christmas village there are not only many ways to satisfy your hunger and thirst, no you will also find art and music. So this Christmas market is a real event Christmas market. Of course, the children have been thought and an original puppet theater provides the appropriate entertainment for the children.

Christmas on Chlodwigplatz

Also on the Chlodwigplatz there is a Christmas market , which can enchant the visitors with its very own charm. There is not only the classic mulled wine, but also a Feuerzangenbowle! The Feuerzangenbowle is very popular and likes to be drunk. Of course there are many ways to satisfy your hunger and thirst. In the Glüh-Hütte there are several possibilities of hot drinks. Try the popular "hot cocktail". On the stage at Chlodwigplatz, there are also choirs singing wonderful Christmas carols. If the kids are on the merry-go-round and their parents can have their mulled wine in peace then the Christmas spirit is perfect.

Outside of Cologne

Of course, there are many Christmas markets in the vicinity of Cologne, too, and that's why we want to introduce you to a beautiful market in Bergisch-Gladbach. You and 112,000 inhabitants of Bergisch Gladbach enjoy every year at the beautiful Christmas market. This is located about 18 km from the center of Cologne and is therefore easy to reach by car. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of a metropolis, we recommend a short trip to Bergisch Gladbach. Around 50 small Christmas houses are festively decorated and provide a nice atmosphere. Here too you will find mulled wine and Christmas cookies very close to each other. The Christmas market is located in the center of Bergisch Gladbach, namely on the local market place. Among other things, they also see the St. Laurentius Church and the beautiful town hall of Bergisch Gladbach there.

Your holiday accommodation

All our apartments have a kitchenette, TV, a nice double bed and of course bathroom with shower and toilet. Free wireless access is a matter of course! We offer apartments in the prime location of Cologne . If you live with us, then you do not need a car or a trip on the subway into the city. No additional costs! They are already in the city!

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