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The Gin Festival 2019 in beautiful Cologne

The fabulous Gin Festival was born from a simple idea. In 2017, two befriended students came up with an idea. A first thought about the festival was born. It should be a fair that has the character of a festival. The students had a big event in mind around this topic. The focus should be on your favorite drink when you go out, the gin.

Germany's unique Gin Festival

A spirit that everyone knows . From this simple idea, the "Germany´sunique Gin Festival emerged in the end. This last took place between July 18 and 19, 2019. The venue was Cologne with its many bars.
A total of ten different bars were exhibitors at the fair. The exhibitors and visitors were able to talk about gin as part of this. The framework included a spirits fair with a focus on gin. However, it was not an ordinary fair. The Gin Festival is also not a fair in the traditional sense.

Casual atmosphere

The atmosphere is very relaxed and casual. Accordingly, the atmosphere at this festival is also different from that at classic trade fairs. The individual bars had focused on the drink gin . Visitors were able to find out more about the specific facets of gin. During joint discussions, visitors and exhibitors were able to talk about it and talk shop.

There were professional bartenders employed at the festival. The bartenders provided information about the numerous facets of the gin drink . In this way, a lot was informed about the taste of gin in a pleasant atmosphere. The spirit gin is a very popular alcoholic drink. Bartenders served excellent, tasty long drinks and hip cocktails.


The juniper schnapps

Many visitors were amazed that the juniper schnapps has such a variety of nuances. Gin, the classic juniper schnapps, offers many differences. At the German'sunique Gin Festival 2019, every visitor could choose their personal favorite. The long drinks had different tastes in their different types. A lot was tasted and tasted at the special fair.

"Gin de Cologne"

Well-known brands are for example the "Elephant" or "Cotswolds" gin brands. In addition to these well-known brands, distilleries from the region were also presented. The local distillery in Cologne is called "Gin de Cologne" . It is based in the Ehrenfeld district. These and other local gin stills presented their products at the festival.


A downright crazy idea about gin originated in 2017 in the city of Berlin

In 2017, two friends, students, came up with this crazy idea. 2017 the first thought about this special fair arose. The original idea arose in Berlin. At the first event, the first festival, 500 guests came to visit. The idea was very well received by the people. The second event with the focus on gin already had 1,300 guests. The founders of this fair, the Gin Festival, are Lovis Stricker and Christian Amando Ortiz. After the tremendous success of the fair, they expanded the festival.

In 2018, Heidelberg and then the city of Mainz and Cologne were added as event locations . The cathedral city of Cologne now has another highlight to offer with this special fair. In addition to excellent locations in the event area, the typical bar feeling is also offered. It is something special for both restaurateurs and visitors. The organizers chose a very special location for the festival. The Gin Festival was held right on the banks of the Rhine. The visitors had a direct view of the banks of the Rhine. The cathedral, the symbol of Cologne, was easy to see. The event took place in front of the “Hyatt Regency” hotel. The "Sticky Fingers" was part of the team in cooperation with. The German´s Gin Festival 2019 trade fair took place between 4:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. From July 18th to 19th, everyone was able to enjoy their gin.

The entrance fee was 26.40 euros and for students it was 21.89 euros. A welcome drink and a sticky fingers dish were included in the price. In addition, there was a voucher book for each paying guest. All visitors and guests were able to taste different gins at various bars of the individual exhibitors.

Your accommodation for the next festival

If you want to test this fine gin in Cologne, you also need good accommodation. You can find them with us! We look forward to your non-binding inquiry!

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