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Your Cologne rental from private & Apartments in Cologne

If you have decided to spend a few days in Cologne, then you will quickly realize that this is not so easy to find a cheap night, although there are so many hotels in Cologne! What do you do then? Quickly find your private apartments in Cologne . Although we do not provide cottages on our website but we do show you private apartments in Cologne for rent! The apartments we have are directly in the city of Cologne. Living in Cologne like the citizens of Cologne live like, that's even the desire of many travelers! The "Rheinische" cheerfulness and the carnival is where you want to be a part of. And as you need of course a suitable property - if possible in the center of Cologne - to actually be able to be a part of this beautiful culture. Our apartments are ideally suited for this!

For all apartments applies: no hidden costs! Without commission! Easy and safe! Our guests are important to us!

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Rent best price Vacation Rentals in Cologne

The convenient Holiday rental Cologne or a cheap holiday apartment in Cologne is perfect for your stay in cologne, visiting the old cathedral or the old town of cologne. You will get colorful and versatile impressions from Köln if you have visited the city. Memories you will not forget! They are already here on this page all available holiday homes and holiday apartments in Cologne (cottages are not available at the moment). Choose us, so that you can walk along the Rhine, and take an easy walk to your apartment, visit the opera in Cologne, explore the German sports museum, go to an event at the Lanxess Arena and on the Hohe Straße in Cologne to go shopping. And quite comfortably walk over the Deutz bridge to a tasty "Kölsch" in Cologne's old town! When there are big events or international fairs in the city, you however have to early care of your accommodation, because at these times the fair apartments, apartments and other accommodation in Cologne (hostel or boarding house) are usually already booked or reserved very early !

In Cologne: Accommodation in apartments at the best price!

In Cologne there are of course the must-see attractions and events. The Cologne Carnival is of course only one such a highlight. Many city breaks lead to Cologne to get in touch and learn more about Colonia! You also need a Overnight at the best price ! The basic tour is here really care: nowadays everyone pays attention to a cheap holiday apartment , since the money budget is sometimes limited. The exhibition guests and the Carnival Tourist would also still have some money for a Cologne specialty in the form of Kölsch (liquid) and a "Halver Hahn"! And if you want to visit cologne with your family and then even the Phantasialand, then you've come to the right place here. Holidays and holiday apartments with enough space, then still (as a family) much cheaper than hotels in Cologne. Quick found on! Our cheap private accommodation are the established "eye for detail" and equipped with modern furniture. Of course, a nice bathroom and a flat screen TV may not be missing. And also if you want to stay in cologne for a longer time we have a apartment for you! Questions about booking, the travel period, or about the price? Do not hesitate and give us a call or send us an email. If you often travel in Germany, you have also to stay for some nights in cologne! The most beautiful city in North Rhine-Westphalia! Make your bedroom with us!

Rental cologne
A vacation rental in cologne

The journey to Cologne is easy!

The cathedral city is waiting for you and the journey is organized. But what make you the best arrival? We would like to give a few tips here! The Arrival by:

  • train
  • with the plane
  • with the car

If you arrive by train (central station or "Köln Messe / Deutz"), you can usually go even "on foot" to our apartments. Unless you have too much or too heavy luggage. Try to go to the station to Deutz (just one stop from the main station on the Hohenzollern Bridge over) because from there you can walk in just 7 minutes to the apartment Cologne!

At the airport Cologne / Bonn landed you can travel approximately 15 minutes to Cologne in the city center either by taxi or the regional train (S13). Quick, easy and inexpensive.

If you plan to arrive by car, we recommend absolutely the public parking located on Siegenburgerstrasse. There are the parking bays on the right side of the road (direction Köln-Poll), which drag on to the swing bridge on the Deutz harbor. There you park already incredibly inexpensive 4 EUR per day! For comparison: a car park in Cologne can easily cost EUR 21 per day times!

Musical, carnival or the Dionysus mosaic in Romano-Germanic Museum: In Cologne, there are an awful lot to see!

The musical tent right behind the central station is known and has just again a new musical at the start: The Bodyguard! Well worth a visit, to convince himself again from the great acoustics.

About the Carnival in Cologne there are many stories, legends and fairy tales! Great adventure with the bowling club or with the glee club. "Bützen" and "sway" is what everyone wants to try when they are in cologne and even have a quick adventure with a tasty Kölsch girl ?! Carnival events are in the crazy time of carnival in the whole city (Pulmann Hotel, Lanxxess Arena or in the old town)! Be a part of it, is the motto! In addition to the 1. FC Köln we offer many other sporting events to Cologne: The Cologne Marathon, the BMX World Championships (BMX Masters) or soon even the Hockey World Cup in 2017. !

Cologne's Old Town and Cologne Cathedral are of course of great tourist attraction! But there are also quite a lot of small attractions that are very popular, for example, for a trip with the school class to see: The Dionysus mosaic in the Roman Germanic Museum. This is a standard tour for all our kids who go near Cologne to school!

Here in Cologne there are so many things you must have seen or where you have to be a part of it. And since the number of beds in Cologne is limited, you should really take care of the booking of your Holiday Cologne very early! Afterwards is fully booked and prices rise very quickly!

"Kölsch" and "Halver Hahn"

Visitors to the city of Cologne, which will certainly also sometimes drink a Kölsch (our beer culture is unique and known throughout the world!). The "Köbes" brings you the cold cult drink at the table or at the bar and sweeps a Kölsch after another. As long until you no longer can drink and the beer mat lay on the glass! There is also in the many breweries but also delicious to eat: the "Halver Hahn" is known throughout Germany and the hearty food (knuckle with sauerkraut for recordable) in the breweries (Gaffel am Dom or the "Früh", but also the "Brauhaus ohne Namen" in Cologne Deutz) very popular. But there is not only the beer in bars in Cologne, but also very good wine! The wine culture has grown a lot and does not have to hide. The apartment Adolph street is directly across from the "brewery without a name"!

Cologne and its great neighborhood

Trendy streets and trendy district give the city a touch of international flair! The Ehrenstraße in Cologne is such a "trend" street! Hipp and cool in Cologne Sülz or in Ehrenfeld! No problem: Cologne is multicultural and very, very colorful! Many nationalities have in Ehrenfeld or in the Belgian Quarter Catering for all senses! Everything is there and everything is delicious! For a really cool scene quarter includes, of course chic cocktail bars and great bars! Of this we have a lot to offer here: on the rings many bars and nightclubs with music and fun! Here no one is alone for long. Also in the "Bermuda Triangle" in the student quarter at Zülpicher Platz goes on certain days (carnival, New Year etc) throw down! Since the Cologne police has sometimes already block the road, as the unstoppable Party People are on tour!

Things to do in cologne

Here we have some great ideas for you:

At the bottom of this page you will find the apartment in Cologne, you should book for your stay in colognet! Book one of our apartments! Even a boarding house is not so suitable for you! Our accommodations will delight you! The downtown, the cathedral and the old town look forward to seeing you.

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