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The Cologne Cathedral

The Cologne Cathedral is certainly the flagship of Cologne and Cologne perhaps would not be quite so popular with tourists, if it were not for the Cologne Cathedral.

World Heritage, Christian cathedral, tourist hot spot and symbol of Cologne . The Rhine metropolis is proud of its cathedral and therefore sings in a lot of songs about it like in this carnival song:"Meer lasse den Dom in Kölle, denn da jehört er hin!".

Cologne Cathedral
The Cologne Cathedral

The first stone of the Gothic cathedral was laid already in 1248 and here exactly on 15 August 1248 to be of the Assumption. In all the years of its existence, the Cathedral has been repeatedly changed, renewed and adapted. To date, actually a framework migrates almost always around the cathedral to every now and then repair it and clean.

Bones of the "three kings"

The stories say that of the Archbishop Rainald of Dassel the bones of the three kings actually are brought to Cologne in 1164! These relics brought the Archbishop of Milan with in the cathedral city, where they are kept until today. Not only this makes the Cathedral into one of the most important Christian pilgrimage sites in Europe!

The building of superlatives

The north tower with its 157.38 meters exactly seven centimeters larger than its "little brother" of the south tower. Finished these were in 1880 and are of course always the center of the panorama of the city. There is hardly not one panorama of Cologne without the dome The Gothic style really brings everyone to marvel when he stands in the cathedral once: about eight thousand square meters of area are simply enormous and facilitate the participation of around 20,000 people a trade show.
With 144 meters of the Cathedral not only has the longest nave of Germany, but also the largest, intact choir from Germany!
The observation deck on the south tower can be reached by a staircase with 533 steps! A lift is not available for the tourists! But who has brought these sports riding behind him, which is rewarded with a wonderful view of the cathedral city. Lately there is the entrance to the Dombesteigung on the right side of the cathedral.

Art in the Cathedral

Inside the cathedral numerous murals and stained glass can be admired. Particularly the stained glass has experienced an extremely high importance in the beautification of the pilgrimage. Incredibly many, beautiful color squares decorate a hundred square meter window! Even the Bible window is a delight. The bronze altar and the high altar beautify the church with their appearance. Behind the high altar is the famous Three Kings Shrine, which can be called a great work of medieval goldsmiths! Furthermore, there is numerous other sculptures and works of art in the cathedral.

The so called "dicke Pitter"

Of course in the Cologne Cathedral are a lot of large and small bells that ring to the different times and occasions. The most famous of these bells is the St. Peter's Bell, which mention only the "thick Pitter" Cologne. He is almost 24,000 kilograms and has a huge diameter of 3.22 meters.

In the cathedral you can find the following bells:

  • St. Petersglocke
  • Josephsglocke
  • Wandlungsglocke
  • Pretiosa
  • Kapitelsglocke
  • Kaiserglocke
  • Speciosa
  • Aveglocke
  • Dreikönigenglocke
  • Angelusglocke
  • Ursulaglocke
  • Mettglocke

So if you are sometimes in Cologne, then make sure you even visit the Cologne Cathedral. Only this is world famous and everyone will ask you if you have been there. Please note, however, that on special occasions (Christmas etc.) a lot of people want to visit the cathedral. Then it could happen, that the doors will be closed because of the hundreds of people!

Address and contact

Kölner Dom

Dompropstei Margarethenkloster 5

50667 Köln

Telefon: 0221-17940-100