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LANXESS stock company based in Cologne

Lanxess Aktiengesellschaft has its roots in Bayer AG.


Lanxess stock company is one of the five major chemical groups in Germany. The company generated sales of 7.2 billion euros in 2018. Over 15,550 employees at 57 locations in 33 countries contribute to the success of the group. The foundation date was set on July 1st, 2004. Those responsible chose Cologne as the location. The headquarters are still here today. Lanxess can be found on the Internet at The website is very well structured and offers an excellent insight into the strategies of the group.

The name

The chosen name is made up of two terms, each of which focuses on the success of the company. "Lan" stands for Lancer or "get started". "Xess" is derived from the English word "success".
Lanxess AG is managed by Matthias Zachert, who also acts as chairman. In addition, the board members are Dr. Anno Borkowsky, Dr. Stephanie Coßmann, Mr. Hubert Fink and Michael Pontzen. The chairman of the supervisory board is Mr. Matthias Wolfgruber. He takes care of the rights and obligations of the employees. The group is managed as a chemical industry at the tax office, health insurance companies and the professional association.

On the stock exchange

The Dow Jones Sustainability Index stands for the sustainability of the working methods and the impact of Lanxess AG. Your shares are traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and shown on the MDax. The MDax is a German stock index that reflects the development of the sixty largest companies. The results depend on capitalization and order book sales. Due to its sales, Lanxess AG is the fifth largest chemical company that is under German management.

How did Lanxess AG come about?

Until 2003, the chemical division was essentially part of the business area of ​​the Bayer Group . However, due to international and economic developments, these business areas were handed over to Lanxess AG in 2004. The overwhelming majority of shareholders voted in favor of the spin-off at the Annual General Meeting in November. The shareholders were compensated for their approval. Lanxess AG received one free share for ten Bayer AG shares that were converted. The IPO will take place on January 31, 2005. The persons responsible chose the international Prime Standard for the initial listing. Its application requires compliance with international accounting standards. These include IFRS or US GAAP.

What is the economic success at the end of 2019?

In September 2019, the Lanxess Group announced that it has been included in two Dow Jones successor indices. The Group will be honored for the ninth time in a row. It ranks fourth in the Chemicals division. In the past three years, Lanxess AG has achieved second place in the DJSI Europe area. In terms of climate strategy, corporate governance and human rights, the company performed particularly well.

What goals and strategies does the group associate with its activities?

Basically, Lanxess AG stands for its value-based and responsible, entrepreneurial decisions. In order to achieve its goals, the company management has formulated clear strategic guidelines in addition to a strong foundation. This includes the guiding principle: "Good for business, good for society". For them, protecting people is just as important as preserving and promoting the environment. From 2020, the Lanxess Corporate Responsibility Goals will focus on the following points, for example. These include sustainability risk analyzes, which are expanded in relation to procurement. The Executive Board wants to massively reduce the associated problems with suppliers. This also affects the product portfolio, which should meet 100% of these criteria. Employee retention is also on the program. The voluntary change must fall below the 3.5% limit.

Strengthened and sustainable locations are also integrated in the global matrix certificates DIN 9001 and 14001. Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 is proof of competence and performance. It stands u. a. for the continuous improvement of work and at the same time for the reduction of wasteful use of resources. Product liability and product safety are also goals that are to be documented by this standard. ISO 14001 sets the standards for the environmental management system. It also defines the content and specifications of the life cycle assessments.

What activities does Lanxess AG influence society?

Lanxess AG also arranges itself socially. The group is the namesake and sponsor of the largest multifunctional hall in Germany. The Lanxess arena was officially launched on January 1, 2019. The contract with Arena Management GmbH initially runs until the end of 2024. They have been partners since 2008. Every year, up to 1.6 million people visit the nationwide well-known event center in the heart of Cologne. Since 2009 Lanxess has also been the main sponsor of the literature festival , the lit. Cologne. In addition to authors, actors and musicians, many celebrities from politics, business and culture are present.

Which business areas does Lanxess AG focus on?

Lanxess focuses on operational business. The associated responsibilities are assumed by the responsible business units or business units. These business units include Advanced Industrial Intermediales, High Performance Materials and Inorganic Pigments. The Leather and Liquid Purification Technologies units cover other areas. The Lubricant Addiditives Business, Material Protection Products and Polymer Additives units also reflect the Group's spectrum. The work of the subsidiaries Rhein Chemie, Saltigo and Urethane Systems round off the portfolio. They are also business units.

Business Unit Advanced Industrial Intermediates

The Advanced Industrial Intermediates division focuses on the development and manufacture of high-quality basic and fine chemicals . These are used as additives for optimal further processing in order to create qualitatively unique chemical end products. Your product portfolio is divided into five sections in order to achieve the best possible benefit and expand the range of applications. This includes anhydrite, which is used, for example, for calcium sulphate screeds. Another field is the Baynox, which significantly extends the storage capacity of biodiesels and protects them from premature oxidation. Individual departments within the Advanced Industrial Intermediales are also responsible for various flame retardants, the vulcanization accelerator, aging protection for rubber and the organic heat transfer medium.

Business Unit High Performance Materials

High Performance Materials are used primarily in the automotive, electrical / electronics and construction industries. These are plastics and thermoplastic composites . In the automotive industry, they form the central components of power electronics and control systems. The braking system of the Porsche should be mentioned here, the performance of which is significantly increased by these products.

Inorganic Pigments business unit

The Inorganic Pigments business unit develops colors as a diverse design tool. The range is primarily used in industry for coloring products. The focus is on high quality standards based, for example, on iron oxide and chromium oxide pigments. They ensure high color intensity and color consistency. Their main fields of application are in the building materials and plastics industries, where they flow into the production process as paints and varnishes.

Business Unit Leather

The Lanxess Group knows the industrial importance of the material leather . It is durable and very resilient. The Group's innovative chemicals and system solutions not only increase the value of these products, they also make a significant contribution to new developments. The company develops processes with which the application options can be restructured. In order to provide effective support to the customer on site, competent and technically savvy employees are available at all times. The company uses synthetic materials that have a high-quality surface property. Examples include the thermoplastic polyolefin and the polyurethane synthetic leather versions.

Business Unit Liquid Purification

Water is a vital good . That is why the Liquid Purification Technology business unit concentrates on its preparation. In addition, other liquid media are examined and suitable paths are analyzed. The technology focuses, for example, on ion exchange resins. Another area is reverse osmosis. The focus is on the treatment and reuse of various process waters. These processes must be built in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner. This goal is guaranteed through the use of various technologies. The process removes all dirt-forming substances from the water via reverse osmosis. The ion exchanger, on the other hand, removes the desired dirt particles from the water. Areas of application can be found in the automotive industry, mining and chemical and electronic manufacturing. The process can also be used successfully in the paper and food industry.

Material Protection Products business unit

It is also very important to protect the material and its environment. The Material Protection Products division is dedicated to this topic. In order to meet the various protection requirements when working with materials, the business unit develops and produces a broad range. It contains active ingredients as well as disinfectants and preservatives. The Lanxess specialists provide comprehensive advice. This also applies to registration support and research. Preventol is a good example. It contains active ingredients that are used for container preservation and as a disinfectant for wood preservation products.

Business Unit Polymer Additives

A business unit is dedicated to polymer additives. These are, for example, flame retardants based on phosphorus and bromine. They are highly efficient and are often used in the construction and electrical industries. These include the Mersolat polymerization emulsifier and the Stabaxol hydrolysis stabilizers.

Subsidiary Rhein Chemie

The subsidiary Rhein Chemie specializes as a business unit in specialty chemicals and process aids that primarily contribute to efficient results in the rubber, plastics and paint industries. For example, high-performance tires, seals or color pigments are created in direct collaboration with the parent company.

Subsidiary Saltigo

Saltigo as a business unit is also a subsidiary of Lanxess AG. It has established itself as a leader in the fields of argo and pharmaceutical chemistry. The company has numerous plants in Leverkusen and Dormagen as well as a production-oriented network that is activated worldwide. A specialty is the insect repellent Saltidin, which convinces with its excellent effectiveness and excellent safety.

Subsidiary Polyurethane

When it comes to polyurethane, the group turns to the Urethane Systems business unit. The subsidiary is represented by centers in numerous countries. These include the USA, Great Britain, China, Italy and Brazil. The material is used for insulation or surface coating. There are also numerous innovative and success-oriented new and further developments.

What national and international investments did Lanxx AG make?

Like all leading companies in the chemical industry, Lanxx AG is oriented towards international scientific, economic and social development. The company focuses on opportunities in research, production and sales of internationally effective products. The Lanxx plant in China was one of the new companies founded in 2006. The company established in Wuxi specializes in high-quality high-tech plastics. Since 2007 there has been a targeted development center that works together with the other Chinese companies.

From 2007 the group started up the plant for ion exchange resins for water treatment in India. The costs for this amounted to 30 million euros. In the following years, numerous companies or holdings were acquired, built, sold or operated as part of a partnership.

In 2018, Lanxess founded CheMondis , for example. It is an online B2B marketplace. It is intended to promote the marketing of chemicals. What current sales has Lanxess made in recent years? The group operates numerous sales internationally. These are based on financial, economic and corporate policy reasons.

In January 2020, Lanxess AG completed the sale of its chrome chemicals division. This went to Brother Enterprises. The purchase price is EUR 80 million. It is a Chinese producer of leather chemicals. The responsible antitrust authorities had given their approval in 2019.

In South Africa, the specialty chemicals company also divested its 74 percent stake in the chrome ore mine at Clover Alloys. The approval of the responsible authorities should be available by the end of 2020.

What recent successes has Lanxess achieved in recent years?

The disinfectants from the specialty chemicals company Lanxess work reliably against African swine fever as well as against bird flu. The current regions include Africa, Poland, Romania and Hungary. The drugs remain effective even at temperatures below freezing.

The Lanxess Group's climate targets for 2040

Climate goals are very important. This also includes the greenhouse gas CO². Lanxess currently still produces 3.2 million tons a year. By 2030, the group claims to cut 50 percent of it. From 2040, the affiliated companies will no longer have any CO² emissions. The company wants to achieve this goal through resource efficiency. The Lanxess Group is currently building a plant in Antwerp that can be used to decompose nitrous oxide. The facility, which will go into operation in 2020, will be able to decompose 150,000 tons of CO².

A further stage will increase this value by another 300,000 tons from 2023. At the locations in India, the respective energy supply will be converted to solar energy and biomass. Management also uses regular energy supply. In this way and with other alternatives, the Lanxess Group makes the neutral CO² balance the criterion of its positive growth. The company also uses governance instruments for this purpose. For example, if a business unit reduces its greenhouse gas emissions by a significant level, it receives tangible and direct financial benefits. A bonus system for the board and the management level offers many incentives. It should help them to achieve the goals that decouple emissions from growth.

Your visit to the Lanxess skyscraper

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