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The relocation service for so-called expatriate

Are you an expatiate looking for a business apartment for your temporary stay in Cologne? Then they found the right website. We rent Business Apartments in Cologne would like to introduce them to you.

Two business apartments in Braunsfeld

We have fully furnished apartments beautiful district Cologne Braunsfeld. This district is located next to the popular district of Cologne Lindenthal. Both Braunsfeld and Lindenthal stand for exclusivity and elegant living in the cathedral city. Green and a lot of peace make for a pleasant stay. Here are our apartments: Zeitwohnung Braunsfeld Nr. 1 and Zeitwohnung Braunsfeld Nr. 2 .


What is an expatriate?

Well, the expatriate is a specialist who is temporarily seconded by major international companies. It is therefore a so-called international assignment.

The expat

The official definition of this highly qualified expert, the expatriate, is: skilled workers or employees who are sent by their employer abroad to be involved in project work or to set up or entertain a new branch. The decisive factor is certainly the characteristic of the time limit. The binding to the home country and to the parent company or to the sending company continues to exist.

Ostensibly it is about the transfer of know-how, improvement of the new location by the specialist. The expatriate thus ensures by his presence for an exclusive knowledge transfer and a fast, positive development of the new location. Most of these are, of course, executives or specialists from high management levels.

Business Apartment
Business Apartment

How often is dispatched?

The number of long-term secondments has probably declined significantly in recent years. Just a few years ago, almost 1% of the workforce were so-called seconded specialists, but nowadays the number has declined significantly. Reasons for this are short posting, digitization and their possibilities and maybe even cheap airline tickets.

Support in Cologne

The posted professionals certainly have a lot of things to consider during their stay abroad. It is not only about finding accommodation or the health insurance, but also about the mediation of culture, social contacts, so an integration on the ground. For this purpose, so-called Relocation Services have been established. These are usually booked by the employers who send the specialists.

The Relocation Service

This is a service offer which can be used by persons who have to leave their actual home country for mostly professional reasons. You live abroad for a good time. The relocators then take care of the entire process of the move. The service includes complete advice on changing the center of life and also includes the clarification of linguistic and cultural issues, and the support in the search for housing. Sometimes whole families move because the manager wants to take their family abroad for a limited period of time. In these cases, a suitable school or kindergarten must be found. Other administrative aspects are, for example: The registration and deregistration of gas and electricity, Internet and radio, insurance, television or bank accounts. Basically, a complete, complete, new life has to be created.

Relocation Service in germany

As globalization progresses, it is not surprising that many corporations send their expatriates on their journey. The specialists are of course mostly used in big cities and business locations. Most international corporations already have master agreements with relocation agencies .

Also national projects

But not only are there deployments of international specialists or top executives, but also of specialists in another city in Germany. A Munich specialist does not want to live in the hotel for a limited time in Cologne, but can use his own apartment for himself. This is how the term "Zeitwohnen" came into being.

We offer Business Apartments

Here you will find two wonderful business apartments, which you can rent on time. Fully furnished and ready to live! We look forward to your inquiry!

Ferienwohnung Köln Ferienwohnung Köln 

Ferienwohnung Köln Ferienwohnung Köln