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Boardinghouse cologne

You are really lucky that you found this website here! Because here you can find really great and cheap apartments in Cologne! The Cologne Cathedral, not in vain world cultural heritage, naturally each year attracts thousands of tourists in the city. Internationally known the metropolis Cologne is due to the cultural offer and the many and important economic activities in the cathedral city. Therefore, there are also a lot of boarding houses in Cologne.

International popular: Boardinghouse cologne!

Cologne attracts people for many reasons to repeatedly: The Cologne Carnival, Cologne, the Rhine metropolis and by the thousands of students also one of the most important university cities of Germany. In addition to these things, of course, also provides easy doing business in Cologne with its many companies from the world of media and commerce, and not least through the fair in Köln Deutz for many business travelers who want to enjoy the comfort of a Boarding House Cologne. An aparthotel Cologne is often sought by the term "Bed and breakfast Cologne".

Our apartments are ideal Cologne

On what reasons now however you want to come to Cologne, the best option you will find here with us! And very important here is of course the perfect location in downtown Cologne. This is a very important point in the choice of accommodation and it should definitely pay attention! Particularly in the area England accommodation in a private room is always placed equal with the old concept of "Bed and breakfast" in conjunction. The overnight stay in a furnished apartment or a room with simultaneous service of breakfast. The term "Boarding House" is also about the "Board" in a "house" ie "house". It is occasionally used or wanted by the term serviced apartment. In our apartments we only have (at the time) negate the point catering. In our apartments (one can also designate) is the pure overnight stay in a fully furnished apartment in Cologne. Possibly soon finds himself a provider that offers accommodation with breakfast, but do not have the.
In our homes so it is emphatically not a tourist accommodation with hotel-like services offering.

Boardinghouse Koeln
Boardinghouse Koeln
Boardinghouse Koeln
Boardinghouse Koeln

Temporary living

In a pension or a hotel, but also in an apartment of the residence is not planned in the longer term. This is the boardinghouse quite different. Here it is exactly the reverse and a longer stay is planned. So to speak, a "temporary home"! Gladly these apartments are therefore also by many companies (for example, assemblers) used, as they facilitate the stay in Cologne for the employees clearly. For a company this the much cheaper option of course is therefore in a hotel. A similar variant that has some established in Germany, are the so-called Monteurzimmer. So if you operate a real Boardinghouse in Cologne, this is a tourist accommodation, because you just offer a hotel-like room service.

The difference from the Apartment Hotel

A proper distinction and demarcation of an apartment hotel at a boarding house is quite difficult or almost impossible, since it benefits are in their (business) but very similar. In Europe, this offer has not yet been able to enforce such right, but takes its origin from North America more. There is of course mainly used by employees of companies with various homes.

Furnishing of a Boarding House

There is of course big differences! If you have just booked a provider of Bed and breakfast in a private room, then you just may have just one room with a bed and a chair, but also with the breakfast in the kitchen of your landlord. And here, too many major vendors have already dedicated to entire chains on this service and therefore there is also on the Boardinghouse market large differences in pricing. Small service providers or indeed Monteurzimmer rent already from 8 euros per night to luxury vendors who rent a luxury penthouse in Dusseldorf for 400 euros per night!

Recognition as normal housing

Currently, furnished rentals are from time to time in the press in the criticism. be triggered, these negative reports could through discussions between politicians and hotel operators, but also by desperate officials in the apartment offices of the cities. Den in many large cities of Germany prevails now acute housing shortage, which could have been caused by careless to build new homes or negligent housing policy. But thank God, we live in a constitutional state, where there is the right to their own property and the possibility of this for residential purposes for rent. Thus one so an apartment or more apartments may be rented for living there in a normal house. Apartments or apartments have therefore no building permit show in order to rent a property. This incorrectly states repeatedly.

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