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Your furnished apartment in Cologne

One speaks of a furnished apartment if, as a landlord, you have already bought the furnishings that you need to live as a tenant and rented them with the property. So these explicitly belong in the lease.

This means that the equipment is an essential feature of this type of letting and therefore the obligation to furnish is also contractually stated.

Essential items for the facility

Our apartments are not only equipped with the essential items that you need for everyday living, but also have many more extras. A basic inventory would be, for example, a bed, a table and chairs. However, we have not only already bought and built this item for you, but much more!

The equipment of our apartments

Our furnished apartments are fully equipped with everything you need for everyday life. These are listed in a corresponding inventory list. You will find the following furnishings in every apartment: kitchen (with fridge, oven, etc.), a Senseo coffee machine, a toaster, 1 trash can, 1 hall mirror, ironing board with iron, hairdryer, kettle, flat-screen TV with wall bracket, wardrobe, 1 Hall closet, 1 wall clock, a double bed with bedside table and lamp, a work table with 2 chairs, 1 floor lamp with a small table, 1 white shelf, 1 white wardrobe, a leather couch, a dining table with 1 chair, a fire extinguisher, books. Bathroom with shower / toilet and towels. The kitchen is fully equipped with cutlery, cups, plates and even sugar and salt are already there!

The rent for furnished living

For this complete equipment of the apartments you pay a correspondingly higher rent. With us, this rent includes the following items and is therefore to be understood as a all-inclusive package : basic rent, furnishing allowance, additional costs such as gas, water and electricity, internet connection. For the two apartments on Würselener Straße in Cologne Braunsfeld you pay a full rent of 750 euros ! You live in one of the best residential areas of Cologne and can take a walk through the city forest at the weekend or after work.

At the moment, especially smaller flats and apartments are offered in Cologne for a basic rent of 400 euros. These apartments are located in the city center near the university or in particularly good residential areas such as Lindenthal or Braunsfeld. Our apartments in Cologne Braunsfeld fulfill all of these features and are therefore very attractive with an all-inclusive price of € 750 per month . Because at this price you save a lot of time and work and you would have to pay the costs for garbage, gas, water, electricity or internet anyway! You save a lot of money and time, since you do not have to buy any furniture and would then sell it or throw it away after the rental period. Because so much delivery, construction, installation (electricity or internet, for example) always costs money. The loss of value when moving house is also not insignificant. And then of course you can spoil yourself and save yourself time and stress with the craftsmen.

Free from worry

As a tenant of a furnished apartment, you naturally also enjoy a special service , because if the television is defective or another piece of furniture in the apartment, we are required as the landlord. We, the landlord, will keep the furniture and electrical appliances in good condition for you free of charge. So you have taken out an indirect feel-good insurance, because you do not have to worry about new purchases. This is comparable to car leasing. If the shower drips or the blinds break, just contact us and we will solve the problem. We offer you a nice and bright apartment for rent and you do not need to look for craftsmen or other things. Better use the time and go to the old town and drink a delicious Kölsch.

No agency fee

On the Internet you will find numerous offers and advertisements of real estate, which are offered as so-called temporary accommodation or as temporary accommodation. An agency arranges this sublease on the Internet or in classified ads to earn. This temporary living is mostly offered by brokerage agencies, which only make the normal rental prices even more expensive. You pay there as more than the normal rent would otherwise cost. The commission is to blame because the broker would also like to get something from the cake. With us, this commission is completely eliminated, since you rent here from us as the owner. We, the Weihofen family, only rent our own apartments, so you have direct contact with the owner. Ask us today for free, as we only have a limited offer. Because once the two properties are rented, we can no longer help you. You can always find the occupancy calendar at the bottom of the page for the rental apartment.

Who rents furnished apartments in Cologne?

You are our tenant if you have a regular income or have a parent guarantee as an almost finished student and we can therefore be sure that you will pay the rent of EUR 750 per month can pay. Certainly you understand that you have to provide us with appropriate evidence. These include: proof of income, a SCHUFA certificate or similar or a parent guarantee. Cologne is a university city and media city with over a million inhabitants and the number is constantly increasing.

Of course everyone would like to live as close as possible or already in the city center to have short distances to work or to the university. The higher this demand, the higher the price of the basic rent in Cologne. And since the demand is currently very high, it is not that easy to get an apartment in Cologne at all, whether furnished or unfurnished. If you want to move to Cologne and then take a look at the “normal” housing market in Cologne, then a furnished apartment is actually the best starting point for you.

Our rental contracts

The leases for our furnished apartments are agreed for an unlimited period. So it is no interim rent that we offer. So you have the opportunity to arrive in Cologne in peace and without time pressure and to feel comfortable. The notice period is two months to the end of the month, so that both parties have enough time to prepare for a possible change.

Our rental apartments

Are you looking for quiet and modern accommodation ? We rent two furnished apartments in Cologne Braunsfeld. Both are located on Würselener Straße and are on the ground floor of an apartment building (6 parties). It is a very good residential area with an owner and tenant structure from the groups of people: civil servants, teachers, pensioners and the upper middle class. The properties are located in a residential complex, which also describes itself as a “city village”. Due to the surrounding houses of Stolberger Straße and Maarweg, the “Stadtdorf” is shielded and very quiet. A very nice place. In the middle of the complex there is even a fountain and some seating, which invite you to relax and unwind.

The apartments are both 25 square meters and are both on the ground floor. So of course you don't have a balcony. There are two quiet and modern apartments. Each apartment has a furnished room (which is used as a living room and at the same time as a bedroom), a hallway area, a fitted kitchen and a shower with toilet. It is modern and you could also call it a single apartment. It is expressly rented to only one person! Smoking and pets are not allowed.

Welcome to Cologne

Become part of the city with your heart in the right place. We are known for our cathedral, the Cologne Carnival and the Rhine, which you will of course also visit. Drive to Rodenkirchen on the banks of the Rhine and enjoy the moment when you can stick your bare feet in the fine white sand on the banks of the Rhine. The proximity to other large cities, such as Düsseldorf or Bonn, of course, make our cathedral city particularly interesting. We are the top address for art, culture and good mood ! Districts that are probably too far from the center in Cologne are: Niehl, Riehl, Stammheim, Höhenhaus, Dünnwald, Lövenich or Merheim. It is of no use if these offers then offer a terrace or a balcony.

Your non-binding inquiry

If you have found this website and you have decided on an apartment, then simply send us an email with some information about yourself. So we can quickly check whether we can meet for a viewing appointment at short notice. Everything should be as quick, uncomplicated and honest as possible. Because when renting our own apartments, honesty and security are very important to us. Thank you for your understanding. Of course, all of your details will be treated confidentially and only for this rental purpose. After termination of the contractual relationship, all data will be destroyed or only processed for tax purposes.