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We present: The district "Neustadt Süd"

This area is officially called the district no. 102 from Cologne conducted. The Neustadt Süd has an area of 2.8267 square kilometers, is officially the center of Cologne. The entire new city of Cologne is shared ultimately by the Aachener Strasse in Neustadt Nord and just this Neustadt Süd. The New Town is separated from the center of Cologne by the "Kölner Ringe" (known party and restaurant row in Cologne) and thus the area is clearly delineated. However, it does not necessarily now sense there is a Holiday Cologne to rent, as you would quite far has to the Messe Köln Deutz and Cologne Cathedral.


The city architect Josef Stübben has planned the streets and squares of the New Town. He pretended as the roads should run and where ultimately should arise the "Royal Palace". The medieval city walls then had to make a boulevard-like verlaufendem road, which should enclose the old town semicircular manner. Today this road is in Cologne, just the "Ringer" or "Kölner Ringe" called. The name arose because the road again changed its name in the course of, for example: Karolingerring, Hohenstaufenring or Ubierring. At all major intersections then exclusive and respectable places were still applied to the population and the guests from Cologne to impress. So then arose as:

  1. the "Barbarossa" place
  2. the "Zülpicher" place
  3. the "Rudolf" place
  4. the "Chlodwig" place
  5. or the "Rathenau" place (the place of the kings!)

The expansion of the city was then in the installation of the inner fortress belt graduated. With this belt, the city was ultimately protected again. But this line of defense was not properly function and has also been converted before the First World War in the so-called "inner green belt" and visually enhance the city again and for enabling citizens optimal well-being and recreation area. And who would live there in this Neustadt? Now the plans showed that here the most upscale to middle-class population should live.

The "Rudolf" place

Buildings and attractions in the Neustadt Süd

There are also in this district several historic buildings and churches. For example: the Catholic parish church of St. Paul, the parish church of Resurrection, Cologne Synagogue in Roonstraße. In addition to these buildings located in this area also the "People's Garden", the Aachener Weiher and the Museum of East Asian Art in this area.

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The Apartment Cologne recommends to visit the "Volksgarten" (Public Gardens). The green oasis in the city. Surely even a very green experience!

Students area: "Kwartier Latäng"

Of course here again many well-known and popular Veedel, all in their own way again very interesting. On the Zülpicher Straße, in the student area is, for example, always something going on! If you evenings still want to do something (in the week) in Cologne, then you're in good hands. Lovingly called the Bermuda Triangle, full of bars, restaurants and clubs, this area is simply a must for any visitor Cologne! Once in the "MTC" (a music club) or in "Venus cellars" (which has almost always late at night!) Wild dancing and drinking beer! Brilliant! So there is a lot to discover in this area, just dont forget to book your accommodation of course with us in the apartment Cologne . The rentals are located directly in the city center!