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Parking at the Apartment Cologne

The arrival by car to Cologne Deutz is quite simple (Motorway very close), but not necessary. Finally, the Deutz station's located in close proximity to the apartments.

Do you have an apartment in the Adolfstraße booked, so you drive by car to Siegburger street. There you will find many public parking spaces directly at the Rhine. The Siegburger street, is Only 1 minute away from the Adolph Street.

Cheaper You can not park in the city center!

If you have booked the apartment in the Siegburger street, you will find - as described above - a lot of parking places. A day ticket costs just 4 EURO! So cheap you can not - so close to the cathedral - park anywhere in cologne.

Park Housing in Cologne sometimes cost 20 EURO and more!

parking cologne
Parking on Siegenburgerstrasse for only 4 euros per day!

Please make sure you get a parking ticket so you do not get a "nodule". The wardens are very often on the road and know no mercy! Also you should not park in the Adolphstraße, because you get there directly a "Knöllchen". There you can not pull a day ticket, as the parking is only for the direct residents. Thank you for your understanding!

In downtown Cologne

We are located in the center of Cologne and in the immediate vicinity of the exhibition halls. The fair in Cologne Deutz is only 1000 meters away !!! Please understand that we can not provide you with a free parking space.