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Furnished apartment Cologne - Ideal solution for a limited residential

Furnished flats and apartments also be rented like once for a longer period in big cities such as Cologne. And of course, all types are used by homes (whether they are known as Apartment or rental) because the only requirement is just a full furnishing of the apartments. And in Cologne travel every day many people who want to hire such an apartment on time for different reasons.

Zeitwohnen Köln

Rental properties in Cologne - What is that?

If you are looking for a furnished accommodation in Cologne for a limited time, then this is called limited renting. The type of accommodation, it is then actually regardless of whether it is a room or the whole apartment. This is simply to your needs. Many business might have to even work in part of a project for a period of several months in Cologne and looking exactly for this period, for such a furnished apartment in Cologne . There they spend a week of their time and travel on weekends mostly home to her family.

Furnished apartment from private - Of course, no commission!

You should look for when selecting the provider, make sure that you always opt for a Cologne apartment without commission! And this is the case usually always with private providers. A "Mitwohnzentrale Cologne" could for example require a commission for the negotiation of the furnished apartment for rent. So if you have decided on the sublease Cologne, then you want to get so charged no additional fees. So make sure! The occasion of your stay here is totally irrelevant. A distinction between a business or leisure stay in Cologne is here only for the hotels with the "bed tax".

Feel just like at home! Enjoy the ease simply to lie in a fully furnished, fully equipped apartment without having to set them up yourself!

Furnished apartments Cologne: Companies pay attention!

Your employees need to stay for a longer period in Cologne and work and therefore looking for a good but inexpensive solution for a hotel in Cologne? Then you will probably soon be very happy about the offer of book such a fully equipped apartment. Apartments, rooms, apartments as well as boarding houses in Cologne offer such a service. And these are the advantages:

  • ready to go: Fully furnished and equipped
  • long periods possible
  • In downtown
  • immersing yourself in Cologne Life
  • cheaper than Hostel or Hotel

A furnished room cologne or rented accommodation should therefore be a very interesting solution for a company.

furnished apartment
A furnished apartment in cologne

Staying with us, so as a "temporary home"

Temporary accommodation: if you need to stay for business or for personal reasons in the Rhine metropolis, this is a good thing. The cathedral city is often called also for amusement or the center of the Rhineland desire and this will then soon indeed a great experience for you. "Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium" how the city used to be called by the Romans, is a big magnet and attracts thousands of people. So you will find apartments, rooms, apartments and accommodation in Cologne, which are absolutely suitable for a corporate housing in Cologne. We provide these apartments here on our website and are happy to make you a great offer. Unfortunately we have no Apartments in "Cranhäusern" in Cologne, but maybe soon! Quality décor and sophisticated interior of the Time apartments Cologne is self-evident.

"Clever temporary living" is our motto and we would like to make it possible for you in the most beautiful city at the Rhine! The whole thing should of course be even more favorable than in the hotel, so that the customer can go with a smile on his face in his apartment and satisfied can have leisure time.

Serviced apartments have everything you need

In our apartments you really find everything you need for daily life. Living room and bedrooms leave nothing to be desired and so does your "temporary home in Cologne" always has at least the following facilities:

  • TV
  • WLAN / Wifi for free
  • Kitchen
  • coffee machine
  • fridge
  • hairdryer
  • clean towels
  • fresh towels

Many apartments have naturally sweeten your stay with even more extras to you. Just take a look here on our internet site if the objects are available online at to then decide to book them. Each home has its own property page that contains all information: photos of the apartment, information on the rent and the location. But very important is of course, that you want to live in the city center of cologne!

The Rhine metropolis is developing into an international business location

Not only by the fantastic business made by the "KoelnMesse GmbH" we have real international flair in the city. Also down at the Rhine there is a touch of elegance and major international companies: So there are for example, Microsoft and other computer companies settled.

For rent in Deutz or in Braunsfeld

Here you find rentals in Braunsfeld und Deutz. The location is always really top! In Deutz you are right in the downtown area and in Braunsfeld - a stone's throw away - a lot of parks and green. There you have a great connection via Aachener Strasse directly to the city. And if you want to relax after work, then there lure great parks and green spaces. Also by public transport the KVB (Cologne Transport Authority) is really very fast in the shopping area of ​​the city. Other properties we can unfortunately not be offered at the moment. Perhaps we will soon also have an offer in Nippes, in the old city, Bonn, Bayenthal, Ehrenfeld, Troisdorf, Niederkassel or Sülz for you! Just look back with us on the website page! No commission, because here you rent from the owner and not from a "Mitwohnzentrale" or something like that. We are happy to arrange an appointment with you! Simply send us a non-binding e-mail and we will advise you.