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The carnival in cologne: Kölle Alaaf

The carnival of cologne is world famous!

The carnival in Cologne! called on kölsch "Fastelovend" he annually attracts many tourists to Cologne. Everyone wants to experience the Kölsche life, the joy and fun in Cologne Carnival once. Singing, dancing and "Bützen"!

The genesis of the Cologne Carnival is far back

In ancient times, so the winter was expelled. And already the Roman Cologne knew the fool ships, which were accompanied by about cavorting "revelers".
Do you also want to relive the carnival in Cologne, so you should seek an accommodation early. The room rates are in Cologne - at such special times - far higher than the normal price. So does a night in a hotel quickly even over a hundred euros per person! Certainly our apartments are at this time a little more expensive than normal, but here you pay still for two persons less than a in a hotel!

Ideal location of our apartments

The apartment Adolphstraße is not far from the Kölnarena / Lanxess Arena where every year there will be numerous, large carnival events. The accommodation in the Siegburger Str. (The apartments are just 1 minute walk apart) is ideally situated next to the Carnival on the Old Market to be experienced on the Heumarkt or in the Cologne Arena. We are pleased about your inquiry. A lot of information about our apartments and also a lot of pictures can be found on this website here!

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The Carnival in Cologne is a unique experience

Everyone shall have made party in his life at the carnival in Cologne! Laughing, sway and have fun and maybe :) sometimes take a Bützchen. The fun is the top priority in the Cologne Carnival .

How did the Cologne Carnival come about?

The Cologne Carnival has its origins even in the Middle Ages . Already in the 14th century, on the eve of Easter, there were annual games of disguise, drinking and eating, as well as getting together, where cheerfulness came first. Horses and parades were also involved in these events. At that time, the City Council of Cologne and the official seats in Cologne had problems with curbing the festive events.

Partly, these were banned and also the inflow of funds from the coffers of the city of Cologne was completely prohibited in the 14th century. In part, the festive events degenerated unchecked, so that the city of Cologne had no means to curb them.

Carnival even forbidden!

In modern times, the Carnival celebrations in Cologne were partially banned . For example, in 1795 by the French occupiers. After Cologne became Prussian in 1815, the entire Carnival of Cologne was reorganized in 1823 by the city's first carnival committee. Over time, an institution was created, which organized the Cologne Carnival itself and this increasingly entrenched a structure. The committee had a chair and certain degrees of individual member status. The next festive activities of the carnival were planned at regular meetings.

Until the year 1851 a total of 30 other committees for the carnival in Cologne founded. Over time, however, that was too much competition, which would have led to a clutter of festive activities. For this reason, all 31 committees joined in 1888 to the Festival Committee Cologne Carnival or the Cologne triumvirate, which exists to this day.

Which sights should not be missed at the Cologne Carnival?

Famous is the Cologne Carnival for its Rose Monday procession, which is the oldest and largest Rosenmontagszug of Germany and annually attracts thousands of people. The train has a length of about 8 km and is characterized by disguised groups of people, chapels and large creative carts of the individual carnival clubs, which throw camels of these. On the edge of the train, up to 1 million people gather annually as spectators along the entire length. Over 10,000 people take part in the Rosenmontagszug from Cologne.

Traditionally, the train traditionally starts at 11:11, but in recent years, due to the darkness, this time has been pushed further and further forward. In the center of the train is always the car with the President of the Festival Committee Cologne Carnival.

Furthermore, the wagon hall can be recommended for the festive activities of the carnival in Cologne. The celebration in this is relatively new but especially interesting on Saturday of the carnival. In the Haus Unkelbach the classical Carnival celebration of Cologne is celebrated . The celebrations have been held here for decades for the carnival. Jan von Werth is a true traditional pub in Cologne and offers carnival a welcome change in the Gereonsviertel.

The Gereonsviertel is overcrowded for the Cologne Carnival with its numerous pubs and bars . In these the most different celebrations take place. The ghost train arose a few years ago from political protests but also worth seeing for people who have no political intentions with it. As a result, people disguised as ghosts and witches crawl across the streets in the darkness. Of course, the Dome should not be missed with its festivities in the city center.

Culture of the Cologne Carnival

First of all, it must be said that the costume is a must on the Cologne carnival. Everyone who enters the carnival in Cologne should at least be equipped with a mask or a simple disguise. Care should also be taken not to put on strong provocative costumes that might cause trouble. Traditionally in Cologne drank Kölsch carnival . The Cologne beer flows on the carnival days in every pub.

During the carnival processions, the co-operators of the trains traditionally call themselves "Kölle, Alaaf!" called. This call should not be confused in Cologne city with other carnival calls. If you want to celebrate the carnival, you should also be prepared to join in the Carnival songs with full joy and to dance along.

Traditionally, the Cologne Carnival starts on 11.11 of the respective previous year . However, the street carnival does not begin until Thursday at the Women's Carnival. This is usually initiated by the Lord Mayor of Cologne together with the Cologne Triumvirate. In the Weiberfastnacht many shops and markets close early to celebrate together. This day is especially dedicated to women, but that does not mean that only they are allowed to celebrate. A traditional custom of Women's Carnival on Thursday is that women cut off men's ties at work, for example .

Women's Carnival and Rose Monday

The Weiberfastnacht will be continued on Carnival Friday, at which the traditional star march of the Kölner Veedelsvereine takes place. This takes place exclusively in the center of Cologne. On Carnival Saturday there are already many smaller carnival parades, which are spread throughout the city. On the evening of Carnival Saturday, the ghost train takes place. Also on Carnival Sunday many more trains take place.

The Rose Monday is the highlight of the Cologne Carnival . On this day, the longest and largest carnival procession takes place. On Carnival Tuesday, traditional festivities take place on the streets and in the pubs of Cologne. Ash Wednesday forms the last day of the carnival, at which, however, no celebrations take place. With this day begins the Christian Lent.

What should be considered before the Cologne Carnival?

In addition to a suitable costume and some knowledge of the Cologne carnival music, especially the accommodation should be booked far in advance, as long as there is no apartment in the immediate vicinity of Cologne. The suitable accommodation is particularly recommended in the city center, for example, close to the cathedral. However, as the accommodations are always booked months in advance , this should be done quickly.

Accommodation for the Cologne Carnival!

You want to walk to the carnival? You want to walk Dom? Then book one of our Apartments Cologne , then you can easily reach the Cologne Cathedral on foot! Just cross the Rhine over the Deutzer bridge and stroll through the old town. In about 14 minutes you have reached the cathedral! We look forward to your inquiry!

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