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The Cologne apartment presents: Braunsfeld

In Cologne Braunsfeld you can live really well! That is why we at are happy to be able to offer you an apartment there for a furnished rental! But more on that later ... The district of Braunsfeld is located on the left bank of the Rhine in Cologne and has the district number 304. It belongs to the district of Lindenthal. The dialing code is 0221.

Köln Braunsfeld
District number area residents
304 1,673 square kilometers 12,000

The zip code is 50933.

Further information on the location of Braunsfeld

The following other districts border on Braunsfeld: Müngersdorf , Ehrenfeld , Lindenthal and (ok, is not a district) the Melate Cemetery.

The big Melatenfriedhof in Cologne

Once across the district of Braunsfeld for the big Aachener Straße. This leads quasi in east / west direction across the city. If you follow the road, you will also come directly from the Müngersdorfer Stadion to the city center of Cologne. The Aachener Strasse was one of the major and important main connecting roads that the Romans built from Cologne via Jülich, Maastricht, Tongern to the coast to Boulogne-sur-Mer.

On the history of Braunsfeld

The Braunsfeld area was previously only ever used for agricultural purposes. There were large lands and fields. In the Middle Ages, however, the "Cologne execution site" stood on the area of the current Melatenfriedhof . Afterwards also a hospital for leprosy sufferers! After the Cologne merchant and haulier Ferdinand Braun acquired large areas in Braunsfeld and built a brick factory there, many workers settled there around the brick factory. Because they lived in settlement houses that were also in the fields and areas of Mr. Braun, they simply called the areas "Braunsfelder" or Braunsfeld. This is how the name of the district came about!

Tip from Apartment Cologne

If you are in Cologne Braunsfeld, then you should definitely visit the Cologne Carnival Museum! It is on the Maarweg, very close to our apartment on Würselner Straße! And here is the tip for all business people who have to " Zeitwohnen " for a few months in Cologne: We rent a furnished apartment in Cologne Brausfeld ! Please take a look at the apartment: Zeitwohnen in Köln Braunsfeld

Zeitwohnen Köln Braunsfeld
Wohnung Braunsfeld
Unterkunft Braunsfeld


The connection in Braunsfeld is of course optimal! By car you can quickly and easily reach all destinations via Aachener Straße or the side streets . You drive quickly in the direction of Müngersdorfer Strasse to the motorway or in the other direction into the city. The Romans have done quite well! You are also very well connected by public transport: trams number 1, 7 and 13 and bus line 140.

Economy and companies

Many large and important companies have settled in the Cologne Braunsfeld Technology Park. As in the whole area of Braunsfeld there are some well-known companies, which we only want to list here briefly:

  1. Kölner Verkehrsbetriebe (head office)
  2. REWE
  3. BzgA (Federal Center for Health Education)
  4. Hauptzollamt Köln
  5. The TV station GS1 Germany

Apartments, guest houses and hotels Braunsfeld

When looking for a suitable holiday apartment in Cologne Braunsfeld we only found a boarding house, which we do not want to present here for reasons of competition :) You will certainly understand this! We also found a bed and breakfast and a budget hotel, but these may be a little too far away from the center and the city center for real Cologne tourists. You are in better hands in our apartments ! It is certainly something else if you have to go to the area for a job or just want to live nicely! And you can do that in Cologne Braunsfeld, since the district has become one of the most popular and expensive of Cologne.