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Eleventh in the eleventh: Start of the carnival in Cologne!

Yesterday it was time again: On 11.11. Starts the Cologne carnival. Beginning with the new motto "When we see our children, we are very happy," of the carnival session 2016/17.

Zülpicher Straße Karneval in Köln

For a long time people have been waiting for it: both the Cologne and thousands of tourists and guests from all countries of the world: the carnival hearts beat higher when at 11.11 am on the Cologne Heumark and on the Alter Markt the carnival session 2016 / 2017 will be opened! And for a good mood is ensured, because until 6.00 pm, many famous names from Cologne Carnival give the honor and bring the costume jecks free of charge in carnival mood and carnival. There you can listen to some of the best music in the world. Cologne presents itself from its most beautiful side and there are thousands of tourists coming to the cathedral city! And when this wonderful program ends on the stage, the party in the Cologne pubs in the old town, the Südstadt and all around the city cheerfully goes on!

The whole event will of course also be broadcast on TV by the WDR. All performances in the time from 10:30 am to 4:00 pm could be followed at the Westdeutschen Rundfunk and then the carnivalfeel will automatically be transferred to your living room! Of course, the mood on site is quite different and maybe you want to live it live and spend some nights in our apartments in Cologne!

A novelty: For the first time the Cologne "Children's Dreigestirn" appeared on the big stage and provided for mood. And another bang for the start: There was a big glitter at 11.11 clock! This year, we were also very conscious of the ban on glass in order to avoid accidents and a lot of garbage. The organizer (Willi-Ostermann-Gesellschaft) has mentioned this again, but we have hardly seen the topic in the press or listened to on the radio, and this was probably the reason why, for example, at Zülpicher Straße again everything full of glass Was. But more about that later! There was also no prohibition to take backpacks, tables or other large items into the "Fest" area.

Attractive stage program

The stage program could be seen again this year! Check out who has presented his art for free again:

  • Domhätzjer
  • Palaver
  • Sibbeschuss
  • The young trumpeters
  • Filue
  • BulleWuh
  • Rabaue
  • Opening
  • Querbeat
  • Kuhl un de Gäng
  • Countdown with OB Reker an the "Kinderdreigestirn"
  • de Räuber
  • Great show of the designated "Dreigestirns"
  • Altreucher
  • the Paveier
  • Cat Ballou
  • the legend: Marita Köllner
  • the Domstürmer
  • the Klüngelköpp
  • Miljö
  • Musician and presenter Bernd Stelter
  • Kölschraum
  • the Höhner
  • Brings
  • the Samba school Rio
  • the Funky Marys
  • the Micky-Brühl-Band
  • the Cöllner
  • Kasalla
  • the Boore
  • De Blömcher
  • Die Kölsch-Fraktion
  • de Flöckchen
  • Pläsier
  • Colör
  • Kempest Feinest
  • For Example

The Kölsche Countdown in the Tanzbrunnen

The "Kölsche Countdown" at the Tanzbrunnen in Cologne Deutz was a very easy and family-friendly alternative to the big opening session at the Heumarkt in Cologne's old town, close to the A catwalk from our apartments away!

The organizer is "Die Grosse von 1823" and this has already been invited to the Tanzbrunnen for the fourth time, with a program of what can be seen! There is even collected by the way for the good cause, so a meaningful event that is fun! The program lasts seven hours and is also filled with top stars of the Cologne carnival: the Bläck Fööss, the Cologne rock group Brings, the popular Cat Ballou and the Cologne Dreigestirn may not be missing!

Fabulous 15 music groups and bands and, of course, the popular dance group of the greats of 1823 are performing and creating a powerful atmosphere! And here is the difference to the event in the old town of Cologne: the artists give here real small concerts and have not disappeared after a song! It is definitely worth it here, if you want to experience your favorite band a bit longer. With a lot of routine and class, the Linus dance fountain moderates the event!

It is also important to ensure safety, as only sparkling wine and Kölsch can be eaten and hard alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited. You do not want to be drunk, but we want to have fun! Also prohibited are the full masks of the horror clowns and carts and similar large companions and objects. Bags are also only allowed up to a size of approximately Din A4! This year again, this event was once again under the auspices of our Hedwig Neven DuMont. And one thing is also clear: the good purpose is in the foreground, as the complete Reinerlös flows back into the foundation "We help".

Who does it all?

Great names also appear here:

  1. the BläckFööss
  2. the Band Brings
  3. Cat Ballou
  4. Cöllner
  5. The designated Cologne Dreigestirn
  6. the Domstürmer
  7. the Funky Marys
  8. Hanak
  9. the Höhner
  10. Kasalla
  11. de Klüngelköpp
  12. the Kölsch Fraktion
  13. Kuhl un de Gäng
  14. the Micky Brühl Band
  15. The music corps and dance group of the great of 1823
  16. Nobert Conrads
  17. the Paveier
  18. the band Querbeat
  19. de Räuber

The start is by the way very early already at 09:50 clock and the whole event lasted until 18.30 clock! The real carnival experts will then break directly into Cologne's southern city, as you can still experience a real Cologne carnival feeling in the pubs! Dancing, singing and drinking Kölsch until late into the night! This was offered again!

The South Town

In the Südstadt on 11.11. But no stage set up (happens only at women's night), which is not a problem for the Jecken, who still storm the Veedel and celebrate!
In the Severinsviertel and also the Eigelsteing there are a lot of popular and famous pubs, such as the legendary "Chlodwig Eck", the "Filos" or the "Mainzer Hof". It is not easy to get in, but there must be a long queue to see these pubs once inside!

Carnival in the Schaafenstraße

The free Cologne celebrates a humid party in the Schaafenstraße! Dieter Hennes does not shy away from cost or effort and makes for a grand carnival mood!

The Kwartier Latäng

Especially with the youth this Veedel is very popular and consistently "überrant" on 11.11 every year! It's all hopelessly overcrowded, so the teenagers are just around the middle of Zülpicher Strasse! This is why the police block the neighborhood and also the rings and all access roads in a large area, so that no accidents can occur!
The Zülpicher Straße is well known as the party and student mile of Cologne and is becoming a huge party zone to carnival!

Here the carnivalists and the tourists in Cologne stand together on the street and celebrate the Cologne carnival. Unfortunately this year was again a lot of alcohol in the game and the glass ban was not noticed. That is why the Zülpicher Strasse was completely shattered at the stop "Dasselstr. / Bahnhof Süd"! Again, of course, everything is blocked until the party is over the next morning and the police released the street again. Before, the garbage collection course of course cleaned everything thoroughly!


Now there are many big carnival events at the door, which take place every week in Cologne. Then next year the road carnival with Weiberfastnacht will be added and attracts thousands of tourists to the cathedral city again! Sleep in the ! Small note on our own thing: We are carnival 2017 already fully booked u>!