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Arrival to Cologne

There are many easy ways to the cathedral city. Here you can choose between Arrival by car, Deutsche Bahn, plane or long-distance bus.

The journey by car

It's certainly exhausting, but of course it makes a lot of economic sense, especially for families: The trip by car. If you are traveling with more than 2 people, the car journey is often cheaper than by bus or train. For this reason, many holidaymakers choose this means of transport. And then straight to Deutz to the holiday apartment in Cologne. Inexpensive parking possible for EUR 4 on Siegburger Straße!



Around Cologne there is a large network of 10 motorway axes, which, coming from all directions, lead the way to the Cathedral. These are the following highways:


  1. A1
  2. A3
  3. A4
  4. A57
  5. A59
  6. A555
  7. A559

In addition to these motorways, a large number of major federal roads also lead to Cologne. Before you arrive, it is advisable to carry out detailed planning, including the arrival times, as there is a lot of commuter traffic here in Cologne. Of course, as a holidaymaker, you should avoid this so as not to waste your time pointlessly in traffic jams. Or you can avoid this danger completely by choosing one of the approx. 150 Park and Ride places and traveling from there to the city center by public transport.

You can find a good overview here on the P and R pages on the web.

Kölner Dom
The Cologne Cathedral

The environmental zone around the cathedral

There is another important point to consider: the Cologne environmental zone! Only vehicles with a green environmental sticker may enter this area. If your car has no or only a yellow or red sticker, you are not allowed to drive in there! The above-mentioned Park and Ride parking spaces help here to avoid a "ticket".

If you have the right environmental badge, you can drive to the city center and use our insider tip: parking on Siegburger Straße! Here you can still get a day ticket for 4 euros, which is absolutely unique in the city center! You can't park cheaply there.

The journey with Deutsche Bahn

This is certainly the most relaxed journey to the carnival stronghold! We have two train stations here in the city center, so you are very flexible when it comes to getting off. This is the Cologne main station and the train in Deutz, directly at the Messe in Cologne Deutz. So you get off directly in the city center and can either walk to your destination or use the KVB achieve.


If you have booked our holiday apartments, then get off directly at Bahnhof "Köln Messe/Deutz" and walk comfortably to our holiday apartments in max. 7 minutes! It doesn't get any better than that. However, if your train does not head for the Bahnhof Köln Messe Deutz mentioned above, this is not a problem either, since on Cologne main station on platform 10 - in relatively short intervals - many S-Bahn and regional trains run over to Deutz. And when we write across, we mean it, because it's really just about crossing the Hohenzollern Bridge. So you see: everything very close together!


Deutzer Bahnhof
Cologne Deutz/Messe train station


Both at the main train station and at the Deutzer train station there are luggage lockers if you want to "get rid of" your luggage for a short moment. There is also a Deutsche Bahn service point at every station. There you can buy tickets or clarify open questions.


We fly to Cologne!

And the Rhine metropolis can also score here: a great airport with perfect connections to the city center! The Cologne/Bonn Airport is served by many airlines, so you will find a suitable airline for you there. Once you have landed there, you can either take a taxi to the city center or directly from the airport take the regional train or the S-Bahn to the train station in Deutz. And this variant is our favourite, as you can really be in Deutz in a maximum of a quarter of an hour. And from there you can reach our accommodations on foot!


Düsseldorf Airport and Düsseldorf/Hahn. Here you should find out more about the location of the airport. Because Hahn is not Düsseldorf after all! The place is a long way from Cologne and getting there is quite difficult. If you want to continue there by bus, then you've been on the road for quite a while! So don't be tempted by a cheap flight, because you will have to pay more! Namely the further journey to the destination. And by the way, there are also so-called "low-cost airlines" to Cologne/Bonn Airport.


What else can you say about the airport? There are some shops and restaurants and even a supermarket. The prices are of course airport level and if possible, you should wait until you can shop at Deutzer Freiheit. There the prices are normal.

The long-distance bus ride

And here is another story from the "typical Kölle" category. Annoyance and a lot of frustration on the part of the bus companies, because the former arrival point "Hauptbahnhof" is no longer accessible for the long-distance buses. The city has issued a ban here and banned long-distance coaches from the city center! The reasons given here were security and the high volume of traffic.

So where are the buses going? The new, official stops for long-distance coaches are Leverkusen (no joke) and Cologne/Bonn Airport.

What does this mean for travelers? Travelers who book a long-distance coach primarily want to save money. That's what the long-distance coach companies are known for and that's what they advertise: inexpensive, cheap or cheap, it should be! But if you have to get off that far outside of Cologne, then there are additional costs. Both from Leverkusen and from the airport, a Deutsche Bahn ticket must be obtained, since the onward journey with an S-Bahn or a regional train is necessary. Of course you can also continue by taxi, but of course that costs money. Another option might be to continue your journey with a car-sharing service. Although we are unsure whether these cars are also available there.

All roads lead to the center

If you now take a close look at the travel options presented, you will notice the following: The goal is of course always the center. Because everyone wants to go there! And what is therefore also very close and should also be considered and observed when planning your holiday? Your holiday home should also be in the centre! Or do you want to take a tram once you have arrived at the main train station and then drive another half hour to a suburb of Cologne? No, certainly not! You want to walk to and relax. Because the journey has certainly made you a little tired.

So: The is looking forward to your non-binding inquiry. We would be happy to make you a suitable and also non-binding offer!



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