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With the apartment Cologne to Bickendorf

Bickendorf is a district of Kölle, which is located in the northwest of the cathedral city. Organizationally, it belongs to the district of Ehrenfeld as district 403. Today the Vacation Apartment Cologne wants to bring this interesting district closer to you. Bickendorf's phone code is: 0221.

The postcode of Klettenberg is: 50827 and the area of the district is 2.31 km²!

Köln Bickendorf
District number area residents
403 2.31 square kilometers 17,000

Geographical location of Bickendorf

There are three other districts that border Bickendorf and these are the following: Vogelsang , Ehrenfeld and Ossendorf . In the west, south and north.

The story of Bickendorf

The area with the current name Bickendorf was inhabited by Germanic Ubians well before our era . This finding is due to archaeological finds in this area. It is also believed that there was a Roman estate nearby or directly in Bickendorf. This was also made clear by some findings. However, it is quite certain that from the 13th century onwards some monastery goods could be found in Bickendorf. These monastery goods are now considered the beginnings of Bickendorf and Ossendorf! Bickendorf was always just a simple farming village over the next few years and was ignored because it had only a few hundred inhabitants. From a church perspective, it belonged to the parish of St. Bartholomew (Mechternhof). The administration of the district Bickendorf took over the Erbvogtei Cologne (judicial district Gereonis). The Hofgutkapelle St. Rochus was built in 1733 in honor of a patron saint. The following events occurred in the further course:

  • between 1836 and 1847 the chapel was used as a parish church
  • 1842 partial destruction and rebuilt
  • restored in 1925

The Rochuskirche in Bickendorf is on Venloer Straße.

Official foundation

Bickendorf was officially founded in 1843 and already had a proud 345 inhabitants! In terms of administration, they belonged to the mayor's office in Müngersdorf. The "Gemeinnützige Aktiengesellschaft für Wohnungsbau" (GAG) was ultimately to blame for the fact that a real boom began in Bickendorf when 578 workers' apartments were to be built there. The architectural group around Mr. Wilhelm Riphahn won the initiated architecture competition, who was able to assert himself with the Cologne motto "Lich, Luff und Bäumcher" (light, air and little trees)! Many families with children then immediately moved into the numerous single-family and multi-family houses, so that there was a real population surge. As part of the Nazi era, the city of Cologne built a barrack settlement, forcing up to five hundred people to start there in 1935 to prevent them from hiking. This barrack settlement or camp was then completely dissolved on May 16, 1940 and the residents were brought to a collective camp in Cologne-Deutz. Ultimately, after the war, a caravan store was set up again on this open space. In 1958 "normal" living space was finally created for these people. A plaque commemorates the terrible time today.

Apartment Cologne Tip

When visiting Bickendorf, be sure to take a look at a highlight, namely the crossroads "Dat rude Krüzz" . It is amazingly well preserved and is evidence of the believing residents of Bickendorf.

Industry and factories

The best-known and probably most important factory was the "Reichs-Luftschiffhalle" in Cologne-Bickendorf. This was built in 1909 or when construction began. The following key data are available for this hall:

  • 152 meters long
  • 50 meters wide
  • 30 meters high
  • steel structure
  • hall area with 7600 m²
  • Completion is in May 1909
  • space for 3 airships

As you can see, it was certainly gigantic in size at that time! Our Emperor Wilhelm II even gave the cathedral city the official name "Reichsluftschiffhafen Coeln" in July 1909! Even the famous Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin landed in Colonia with his airship. Bickendorf then played a major role in the area of ​​ air navigation. .

Traffic in Bickendorf

There is a freight station in Bickendorf and you can also reach the district by car via the A59. If you prefer to use public transport (here our KVB), you have to use tram lines 3 and 4. One is also well on the way there by bus! There are bus routes 139, 140, 141 and 143.

Hotels, guesthouses or apartments

We looked around in Bickendorf, but couldn't find a holiday apartment in Cologne Bickendorf. It actually doesn't make much sense to sleep there as a Cologne tourist. Rather, if you are a mechanic and maybe looking for a cheap overnight stay in Cologne. We even found two hotels! They are the following:

Hotel cologne
  1. Hotel Anke
  2. Hotel Regina

Whether you prefer to sleep there in a hotel or sleep comfortably in a holiday apartment in the center, of course you ultimately decide. But if we can give you a great tip ?! Book our apartments and you can be happy because you are directly and quickly on the Rhine and Cologne Cathedral! We look forward to your inquiry! Your holiday apartment Cologne !

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