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BMX World Championship in Cologne Deutz!

Each year, the breathtaking BMX World Championships in Cologne!

Since 30 years, the true world elite of BMX riders in Cologne by thousands of enthusiastic visitors to celebrate this awesome sport!
Over 10,000 visitors then flow to Cologne Deutz in Cologne Youth Park to the fantastic stunts of professionals to admire. The Cologne Youth Parks is also not far from our three apartments. You can go from the apartments on foot to this great event.
Several disciplines are offered or discharged:

  • Dirt
  • Flatland
  • Superbowl
  • etc.

Approximately 300 drivers compete for the prize money in the amount of up to 5,000 euros! . Here are the big proffesionals!

Certainly the most spectacular discipline is the DIRT. The finals always find evening instead and there was even ever Final video where you could see in the background in the black sky the 'Kölner Lichter ".

These are mostly the same with the BMX World Championships instead, giving the sports weekend in Cologne nor a magic touch.

Pause for BMX Cologne!

The BMX Masters is not taking place this year on 18/07/2015 up to 07/20/2015 in the youth Parked in Köln Deutz! Cancelled!

Unfortunately, this stunning event has been canceled! But why the world's best BMX riders no longer come to Cologne?

We can only guess ... but we want to quote a statement of the organizers on their website "Since 2011, more stringent regulations and stipulations are we being borne by the city of Cologne from year to year. In the meantime, these commitments have reached a level which does not allow us the event taking place as in recent years. "

Our thanks therefore goes again to the city of Cologne, which has created a large mountain of red tape and difficulties for the organizers an insurmountable hurdle!

Instead, it is now on 15.08.2015 be an event under the motto "back to the roots" in the Cologne Youth Park. The BMX CGN SMALL RAMP SESSION invites all BMX crazy one! Only a small program without registration, so that the BMX Kids do not necessarily without event through the summer. The 80s are to be celebrated and so the participants and visitors to appear with 80s and 90s wheels and the appropriate clothing. MEGA SMALL RAMP MADNESS 2015 speaks for itself: to avoid a small event to the large editions of Cologne. Stores with BMX and clothes are also available.

Against BMX, holiday homes and long-distance busses?

It has the city of Cologne so again managed to sell BMX enthusiasts and tourists from around the world! Thank the economy could sustain back in Cologne because visitors now simply fail! We are amazed at how thoughtlessly the city of Cologne hindered such events and thus frighten the organizers. This will definitely also in Bonn or Dusseldorf for a suitable location for this international event discharge. Not only that Disabled the city of Cologne, the Apartment rentals in Cologne, no, now even large events are disabled. Tourism remains off and thus the sales in the city. Yes, and without sales tax for the city of Cologne. We do not understand it.

30 years BMX in Cologne! And now? What happens in 2016? We will keep you up to date! Your Apartment Cologne!

I miss the Dirt ramp!

Man what it was for a great atmosphere, then in the summer and with all these sports crazy. All are on BMX and are dressed accordingly and listen to the right music to it. Quite cool and casual, they look, the BMXGirls and boys. And a super atmosphere as at a World Cup in a final! The finale of Dirt ramp !!! Everywhere only people who want to see it that growls when the driver fly through the air stunning. And then the darkness of night and the lights and the at that time still the same with the Cologne lights! Man what it was for a mood! Horny! As the final was over and then all of which are not raced quickly to the water from the Rhine to see the fireworks. It was a perfect match! The people, the location and the scenery! Once I would say now and I am glad that I was already likely to share with my son this experience and he now also has these great memories! And why I'm a little sad because the new presentation does not appear quite as spectacular! ?! Little quieter, a little set and not so wild Or am I wrong?! We will definitely visit this year once again organizing the Youth Park in Deutz and want to leave again as enthusiastic as we are used to! Dear God, please do, that we are so flashed again! Thank you!

The BMX Masters is now called BMX Cologne

So I must say, I really did not have time to follow the stories about the BMX Masters in the net and I'm working on the issue now. If you google the old name, then you end up quickly in the new official name for this great sports event in Cologne. It appears that the conditions imposed by the City of Cologne have meant that the entire event was covered and now takes place in a new scope and a new name. And striking is right: it seems no DIRT ramp to give more, and thus the most spectacular event falls away! How can I explain the only bare my son? Surely this is also due to the local conditions, finally we have more and more space under the Zoobrücke easy berbaut, so there is no room for these huge, spectacular Dirt ramp!

New dates for 2016 announced!

The (now) BMX CGN (sponsored by snipes) takes place in the period from 02 to 03 July at the Youth Park in Köln Deutz. From perfect date ago and the weather might be good, because you actually have to go out already from a great summer weather in July. Something is a pity that the Cologne Lights not take place at the same time. Because that was always a very special moment when virtually simultaneously lit the rocket and "hung" the cool BMX rider in the air!

Well, so what we expect this year to disciplines and highlights during the BMX Cologne? Here briefly the (unfortunately somewhat few disciplines):

  1. Spine Ramp
  2. Flatland
  3. Street – Open Session
  4. Snipes Best Trick in the Spine Ramp
  5. Oldschool – 80´s Kickturn Ramp Session

Following the sporting competitions finds a '80s Roller Skate Disco "instead. Party is always capitalized when the wild BMX riders take on the pretty, Cologne Girls! In the second year after the 30th anniversary over 200 BMXler from more than 200 countries are expected again!

Admission to the event "CELEBRATE BMX" is the way free, so a visit almost is already compulsory! So unless should play the weather, we meet there? Or?!