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Breweries in Cologne

Cologne is of course well known for this: its Kölsch, which is made in the breweries in Cologne. In Cologne there are a large number of breweries and brewpubs.

The breweries

What is a brewery? A brewery is the place of manufacture or the "factory" in which Cologne beer is brewed. There are the following breweries in the cathedral city:

  • Bishop
  • Bürger Koelsch
  • Dom Koelsch
  • DuMont
  • Early
  • Gaff
  • Ganser
  • Guard
  • Giesler
  • Gilden
  • Helios
  • Hellers
  • Küppers
  • Kurfürsten
  • Mühlen
  • Päffgen
  • Peters Kölsch
  • Rats Kölsch
  • Reissdorf
  • Richmodis
  • Schreckenskammer
  • Schmitz
  • Sester
  • Severins
  • Sion
  • Sünner
  • Zunft Kölsch

Our delicious, drinkable Kölsch is brewed there and then distributed to the pubs and breweries in Cologne. Of course, every bar, restaurant or brewery has a contract with such a brewery and must then accept and serve this Kölsch.

Here we would like to briefly introduce you to some breweries and restaurants in Cologne. We start with the tips in Cologne Deutz in our area.

The Lommerzheim

The Gaststätte Lommerzheim ("Lommi") is named after the old (and deceased) innkeeper Hans Lommerzheim. The pub is a real traditional Cologne pub and is so popular in the area that there is often no space in the pub and people drink their Kölsch outside on the sidewalk!

The Kölsch comes from the Päffgen brewery and is very tasty. It is easily digestible and you don't even notice how quickly you've drunk one glass after the other. Of course you can also eat the "Kölsch way" there! This is where Cologne cuisine is served and brought to the table by a classic Köbes.

Kotelett bei Lommi

You shouldn't expect any vegetarian or vegan menus there, after all, only hearty food is served there! A kottlet or a knuckle of pork are more on the agenda there. The pub is old, cramped, small and rustic and actually these are all reasons that make staying there more difficult, but... and now comes the BIG BUT: that is exactly the reason why the pub is so rustic is and gives it the perfect charm and authentic aura to be perceived as a real Cologne pub.

You should definitely visit the Lommi when you are in Cologne and enjoy the delicious Kölsch. A clear tip from Ferienwohnung Köln!

The cult pub in Cologne!
Sehenswürdigkeiten Koeln
There's even a trail named after the innkeeper!

The brewery without a name

The above-mentioned brewery has come up with a really catchy name: namely simply none! The brewery is just a stone's throw from our holiday rentals is on Adolphstrasse and is therefore perfectly located. It is also run in the style of an old, traditional Cologne brewery and also convinces with delicious Kölsch and hearty food. The menu is large enough and stocked with classic Cologne dishes. The Kölsch is also very tasty and tastes really good. And all of that

at fair prices.

Brauhaus ohne Namen
The Bauhaus without a name!

Since we are not directly in the old town of Cologne, the prices are not above average by a quick mark to the tourists to earn. This is where the residents come to drink their Kölsch and a tourist rip-off would not go down well at all.


There is always a special atmosphere in the pub when FC is playing. The games are all broadcast live and of course this leads to a real explosion of atmosphere in the pub. Almost as intense as in the stadium in Müngersdorf! Here too: a clear recommendation from the Cologne holiday apartment! Not just because you'll be in bed in your holiday apartment in no time!


Accommodations in downtown Cologne!

You want to walk to the cathedral? You want to walk to the fair? Then book one of our Apartments Cologne, then you can easily walk to Cologne Cathedral! Simply cross the Rhine over the Deutzer Bridge and stroll through the old town. In about 14 minutes you have reached the cathedral! We look forward to your inquiry!

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