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With the Fewo Cologne in: Neuehrenfeld

The district Neuehrenfeld is now the focus of Apartment Cologne and is located in the west of the city of Cologne. Administratively it belongs to the district of Ehrenfeld and has been given the district number 402 of the cathedral city. Incidentally, the incorporation took place on April 1st, 1888, so it's been quite a while!

Köln Neuehrenfeld
District number area residents
402 2,550.3 square kilometers 25,000

Neuehrenfeld's postcodes are: 50823, 50825, 50827

The phone code is: 0221

The location of Neuehrenfeld

Neuehrenfeld is located in the following districts: Ehrenfeld , Ossendorf , Bilderstöckchen and the Neustadt Nord . As already written a little earlier in the text, the Neuehrenfeld district is located in the west of the cathedral city .

Apartment Cologne Tip

A large number of trendy bars have settled in Neuehrenfeld and a visit to these bars might be appropriate. If you are flexible in terms of time and would like to immerse yourself in a completely different grouping in Cologne, then a visit would be advisable.

A visit to the Blucherpark is recommended for families. It is very nicely laid out and has enough play opportunities for children and even the right catering for parents.

The story of Neuehrenfeld

In 1871, the first house in today's Neuehrenfeld area was built on Ottostraße. At that time, however, it did not yet belong to the city of Cologne and only became "kölsch" when it was incorporated. Then, from 1908, the first houses were built on the streets Nussbaumerstrasse, Röntgenstrasse, Eichendorffstrasse and Siemensstrasse, and in the course of these developments, great value was placed on living comfort. Large living areas were made possible and implemented and the facades of the houses were decorated in a colorful and detailed way. Of course, this only resulted in houses that had their price and therefore could only be bought by the wealthy citizens of Cologne.

The other citizens of the city simply couldn't afford the apartments and houses there. The area also got its own nickname, which read as follows: "Inkblot Quarter". And why "Inkblot Quarter"? Well, because there were a lot of wealthy civil servants, merchants or leading employees , because only they could afford a house there! With the incorporation in 1888, the district then officially belonged to the cathedral city and finally, through a council decision from 1954, also its official name Neuehrenfeld.

Structure of the district

The absolute center of the Neuehrenfeld district is the so-called Lenauplatz. Many houses were built around the square and decorated with many beautiful stucco facades. Despite a lot of bomb damage from World War II, there are no vacant lots left at this site, as everything was rebuilt in the post-war years.

Around the popular Takuplatz there are also many apartment buildings that were built by housing associations. There is the "Chinese Quarter" . To the west of this "Chinese Quarter" the project "Living with old and young" was realized and is a multi-generational house in which intergenerational living is possible.

Due to the high proportion of migrants in the district, Neuehrenfeld has a colorful mix of shops, wine bars and restaurants from different cultures. There is also a considerable number of trendy pubs and bars there!

Buildings and structures in Neuehrenfeld

In Neuehrenfeld there are a small number of interesting buildings which we want to report on briefly here.

  • The Evangelical Church of Reconciliation was built between 1963 and May 1964. It was built in the shape of a hexagon. The architects responsible were Dr. Ing. Bertram and Dr. Ing. Lang. A work by Ehrenfeld artist Ms. Fulda was placed in the west window of the church. It shows the message of the apostle Paul.
  • The Catholic parish church of St. Peter was built in 1899. It is located on Simarplatz at Subbelrather Straße in Neuehrenfeld. It was built according to the plans of the architect Theodor Roß and was finally inaugurated in 1901 as a neo-Gothic brick church. The church also has an affectionate nickname, namely "Ehrenfeld cathedral"! However, World War II also caused some damage to this church, so that parts of it were destroyed in 1944 and then rebuilt in 1948 and consecrated again. With a height of 62 meters, the church tower is an eye-catcher in Cologne-Neuehrenfeld.
  • The Church of St. Barbara was built in the years 1927 to 1929 because the existing Church of St. Peter was simply too small for the steadily growing number of believers. The "Chinese Quarter" grew and with it the number of people in the church. The building was designed by the architect Mr. Karl Colombo.
  • Another church is the parish church of St. Anna, which was built between 1907 and 1908. It was built according to the plans of Mr. Adolf Nöcker. Here too, great damage was caused by the Second World War and a necessary reconstruction until 1956. Again, a beautiful tower impresses the church. It is the 56 meter high west tower, which is also reminiscent of the tower of the Paderborn cathedral. In 2012 the church received a new bell!
  • The Jewish Welfare Center is located on Ottostraße and was opened in 2004. In this there are a primary school, a kindergarten, the administration, a parents' home and ultimately also the synagogue. Over 5,000 members are registered in the community.


Neuehrenfeld is very easy to reach by public transport. Deutsche Bahn trains (Regionalbahn and Regionalexpress) run from the "Köln Ehrenfeld" station. Also commuter trains of lines S12, S13 and S19.

Guest houses and apartments in Cologne Neuehrenfeld

Unfortunately we could not find any apartments or similar in Neuehrenfeld. The need for these is probably not so high in the district. Only in the neighboring town of Ehrenfeld could we find these and some Cologne hotels. But if you are traveling as a tourist in Cologne, then you surely want to stay in the city center of the cathedral city so that you don't have to go all the way to the attractions ?! Then you'd better book with us! Kind regards from the Apartment Cologne !

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