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Lodging in Cologne preferred?

Cologne is actually the goal of many trips. And where you sleep as best? Proffesionell lodgings in Cologne may be a possible solution for the night in cologne here! We would like to briefly provide an overview and explain that you can use not only a guest house Cologne, but also our apartments, some private rooms or apartments in Cologne. However, hotels in Cologne might be a bit expensive and so you should analyze your alternatives well.

Pension cologne

The city of Cologne is the most interesting town, which is located directly right next to the Rhine! allows you to easily enter the best

  • Hotels in cologne
  • Apartments in cologne from private hosts
  • beautiful furnished vacation rentals in the city of cologne

Your stay is guaranteed and will be a success if you book with us! Just ask no obligation to, and receive, if you like the accommodation, a firm reservation by us!

A guest house in Cologne complacent?

Perhaps B&Bs in Cologne will help when all other units are already filled to capacity! The Rhine metropolis is visited by many people and a lot of more people want to take a city trip to Cologne. It may also be that you have to make a business trip to Cologne when you visit, for example, the fair in Cologne. Especially during trade fairs you want to book to a cheap hostel!

Available guesthouses and fair apartments in Cologne you can find here on our website on the overview map and click. We have accommodations in all districts of Cologne offered: Deutz, Ehrenfeld, Mülheim and many more ...

Our accommodation - the most meaningful in Cologne!

Why should you use our services here in cologne? The following points speak for us:

  1. B&Bs are cheaper as Cologne Hotels
  2. can be reserved quickly and easily
  3. have good means
  4. they are in almost every neighborhood and district
  5. only reasonable and good accommodations

In what things you should look for when booking?

Many vendors tempt you with a competitive price and they might sometimes be not as accurate with the location of the property. Therefore we give you a couple tips on what things to look for in a booking, you must:

  1. How much is the pension?
  2. Is there information on standard or category?
  3. Does the owner make a serious impression?

Take an early contact with the owner and check all these points shown in the list above. Let the owner explain you everything.

Also interesting is a guest room or a private room in cologne. When you have a business travel to "Köln Deutz", because you have to attend the "Köln Messe" there, then you may like also some B & Bs in Cologne Deut! If you want to live right next to the fair in Deutz, then you can save travel and many transportation costs (taxi or metro). You have to book us!

Pension Köln
B&Bs Cologne vs. Apartment Cologne

With us you can also book fairrooms in Cologne, some really nice apartments in walking distance of the trade fair halls when big events are happening like "Photokina", "Gamescom" or "Anuga"! And this at unbeatable prices!

Of course the best areas of Cologne are quickly booked out!

When its time for a major international trade fair in Cologne, then Deutz is fully booked quickly and the hotels are very quickly putting up their prices! Unbelievable that the cost of one night then sometimes can quintuple fast!

Here with us on you can find inexpensive private rooms, the private guest rooms or one of our magnificent apartments in Cologne-Deutz! At the top of the menu bar you will find the direct link to the overview of the apartments listed. Whether you want to stay only for a few days in Cologne or for a longer period: There you will find an apartment for your colognetrip. Then just run a completely free request and receive your personal Accommodation. You will not regret it!

Cologne B & Bs will not be able to help you all the time, but we can do it! You will be surprised and satisfied when you rent a nice apartment from us!

The offered holiday rentals will ensure a great time in the cathedral city!

Here with us it does not matter what accommodation you choose, bed and breakfast or self-catering Cologne, all apartments are top equipped and we guarantee a memorable stay in the Rhine metropolis! Book us, so you can stay directly in Deutz and we have in every accommodation always a minimum standard, which can be represented as follows:

  • your own flat screen TV
  • of course your own shower with toilett
  • always free Wifi (internet)

Click on one of the apartments, and so you get all the information about this wonderful place to live. Location, type, price and availability calendar for everything on one view!

Pension Köln
Pension Köln
Pension Köln
Pension Köln
Pension Köln