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Apartments cologne presents: Köln Deutz

In Köln Deutz is plenty to do!

Köln Deutz is - economically spoken - probably one of the most important areas of Cologne. "Düx" (this is the cologne nickname of this district) was independent until 1888 and was then collected by the city of cologne. 1975 extended the Colognes officially their borders and its center and suddenly belonged Deutz to the major downtown area! Its district number 105 of Cologne. On 31.12.2014 already 15.153 inhabitants were counted, but today there are likely to be far more because "Deutz is coming!". This is also the official slogan of the advertising community. At 5243 km, more and more people want to live, because the location and transport connection is simply the best.

The history of the name "Deutz"

From the Latin castrum divitensium, shortly => Divitia or Duitia, Diuza or also Duytz. From a small Roman fort, developed to a small economic miracle!

History and importance for trade

Often the cologne people living here, call Deutz the district, known as the place on the wrong side of the river Rhine. Of course this is just a joke. But where do these jokes, that the other side of the Rhine is wrong came from? Now, this is the result of old tales and stories. Allegedly lived there earlier nations who had nothing to do with Christianity. Odin was worshiped and these Germanic god could - according to the honest Christians around the cathedral - are indeed worshiped only by primitive barbarians. With this they wanted to have nothing to do, so the place was rated as negative. But for the trade and the transport this site of the river should become a vitally important point. A Roman bridge connecting the two sides of the Rhine until then by the evil Franken again destroyed. This was followed by the "Dom" Bridge and the trade and the economy flourished. Logically, then followed in 1907, and still has its own port by many ships romped and tons of merchandise transported across the Rhine. In the years followed by several additions and new bridges: the "Drehbrücke" at the harbor, the Hohenzollern bridge replaced in 1911 the "Dom" Bridge and over this bridge drive still thousands of trains from the main station to the station "Köln Messe Deutz". 1915 they build the "Deutz bridge" and 1959 the Severin bridge.

Hohenzollern bridge: the love locks

The Hohenzollern Bridge has now reached a very high level of awareness and this is due in mind that a well-known Cologne pop group wrote a beautiful song about this love locks on that bridge. The old says, that couples which are in love, should put this locks on the bridge grid and then thrown the keys in the Rhine. The locks are of the infinite love of the couple, which now can not be unlocked again, because the couple has indeed thrown the keys in the Rhine! Love locks are decorated with hearts and the name and globes can be found almost the entire Hohenzollern Bridge along. The Hohenzollern Bridge is a pedestrian and railway bridge and has a length of 409,19m and a width of 29,5m.

The Hohenzollern bridge
The Hohenzollern bridge with the cathedral in the back

It was built in the period 1907-1911 and after the Second World War - reconstructed or rebuilt - because of a lot of war damage. Nowadays, Hohenzollern Bridge is an incredibly important railway bridge with more than 1,200 trains running over it. Since the Cologne's also are sensualist, the bridge has been visually upgraded for the eyes of the people. There are four large statues which are located at the four wells: one of King Frederick William IV (right bank, north), Kaiser Wilhelm I (right bank, south) Emperor Frederick III (linksreheinisch, north) and Kaiser Wilhelm II (left bank, south)

Love locks cologne
The romantic love locks of cologne!

Severins bridge: On to the Rheinauhafen

After Severinsbrücke was built in 1959, it has privy then by the known former Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. Here is briefly the technical data: length 691m, width 29,5m and a span of 302m. A special feature is certainly the construction with steel cables. Some years ago, a glowing globe from the Cologne action artist HA Schulte was attached on top, and glowed in the dark. This was unfortunately removed. If you stay in our apartments in Köln Deutz, the Severin district can be easily accessed via the Bridge by foot, the chocolate museum or the German Sports Museum. In winter, there is also a Christmas market. There are also the huge "Cranhäuser" of Cologne!

The Cran houses of cologne

Tipp of vacation rental cologne!

Visit definitely once the "Cologne triangle" and take the elevator to the roof of the glass building. There is a viewing platform and you can even look at Cologne from the top! 360 degrees!

Deutzer bridge: Welcome in Düx!

The Deutz bridge was built in the years 1947-1948 and has the following parameters: 437m length, 31,5m wide, longest span 184m. In 310 AD there was build another bridge on the same place. Namely a Trestle. Nowadays Deutz bridge is an incredibly important pedestrian and car traffic bridge over that the tram lines 1, 7 and 9 drive. The bridge leads from Cologne Heumarkt to Deutz towards Otto Square and fair. During trade fairs there is a lot of traffic jam because there a hundreds of cars, who want to pass. We recommend the following: Take a tram for free with your admission ticket for the fair event or avoid a long, cumbersome arrival by just booking our fair rooms in Cologne Deutz. Then you can easily walk to the KoelnMesse!

Deutzer bridge
The Deutzer bridge

"Köln Messe/Deutz": The "Deutzer" railway station

The second largest station of Cologne (Central Station on the other side of the Rhine is of course the largest) was opened in 1845 and has 10 platform tracks. The station is now extremely important for the district Köln Deutz, since this is of course used by thousands of fair visitors . The exhibition halls are located just behind the station. Every year thousands come here by train. The station square was completely remodeled recently and redesigned. Now the taxis can stop in front of the train station and drive the fair visitors in our Apartments in Cologne . But only because of the heavy suitcase!

Deutzer railway station
The railway station Köln Deutz/Messe

Kölnmesse GmbH: visitors for fair events book our apartments and rooms!

The Fairhalls of KoelnMesse in Deutz are the fifth largest in the world and therefore ideal to organize around there huge international fairs. On an exhibition space of over 280,000 square meters and an outdoor exhibition area of about 100,000 square meters numerous fairs are organized. The exhibition company was founded in 1922 and since then is truly a boost for many industries under the motto of Koelnmesse "We energize your business". Prominent visitors were at the fair of course:

  • In 1987, Prince Charles to Cologne on the exhibition "Best britain"
  • In 2013 visited Princess Letizia and Prince Philip, Anuga (Food Fair).

A small report on the Köln Messe GmbH can be found here on our website. We have alread many exhibitors and other fairguests, who book our apartments, because our apartments are located in Deutz next to the fair and have comfortable facilities.

The "Deutzer Freiheit": shopping area and more...

Popular shopping street in Köln Deutz

Today we would like to present you the popular and interesting "Deutzer Freiheit". On this street you will find all the things you need for your stay in Cologne. Here there are, for example:

  • many cafes
  • restaurants
  • supermarkts
  • Banks (Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank etc)
  • Brasseries (Sion) and pubs
  • drugstores
  • organic supermarkets
  • Fast food outlets
  • Cheese Shops
  • wine Shops
  • Gifts Shops
  • Bakeries
  • textile shops
  • Electrical trade
  • bike shops
  • fishmongers
  • and a lot more!

The "Deutzer Freiheit" starts in the extension of the Deutz bridge and leads up to the Gotenring. Our apartments cologne are therefore all in the immediate vicinity to the "Deutzer Freiheit". Since the apartments are all equipped with a small kitchenette, you can buy your bread and cheese in the "Deutzer Freieheit" and comfortably consume in our homes. And then also take a rest in the cafes and restaurants in the "Deutzer Freiheit".

The Deutzer Freiheit is located very close to our apartments and has everything you need. There are supermarkets (Rewe has opened to 23.00!), Organic stores, drug stores, restaurants, fast food shops, bakeries, coffee shops and many other shops such as: banks, electrical shops, boutiques, shoe shops, Kodi, Rike T or something like that. Once a year directly on the Deutzer Freiheit there is a big street party, which is highly recommend!

Here we would like to show you a few impressions of the shopping street "Deutzer Freiheit"

Deutzer Freiheit
The "Deutzer Freiheit"

Sports facility for the whole family: the Jugendpark

And if you want to do some sporting in Deutz, then we have already the next tip for you: The Youth Park (Jugendpark) in Köln Deutz. A huge game area of over 6,000 square meters has been created specially for the National Garden Show in 1957. In addition to the great park with many flowers and plants there are below the Zoobrücke several playing fields for football, basketball and a skate park for BMX, scooter or skateboard. There you can, of course, if you want to do really sporting, go inline or make one of three basketball hoops or a dunking as an adult! (There is a basket extra deep!). Also for the little ones is of course even more here: trampolines, climbing or mini golf courses will make your holiday unforgettable. In this Jugendpark previously always took place the BMX Masters. A report of this BMX event can indeed be found on our website.

The "Rheinpark" in Köln Deutz is the most beautiful park in Cologne!

This beautiful park has (as already been mentioned above) created specially for the Federal Garden Show in 1957. He is huge and has a large selection of beautiful flowers and plants. In 1989 the Rheinpark was declared a national monument and particularly lovingly maintained. Only the Park Café is - at the moment - still closed, however, it will probably open soon. Through the park runs a summer tourist train which drives through the park. This is just right for the family! Fountains and sculptures embellish the Rheinpark additionally. This is the ideal place to relax and recover. In the summer hundreds of people are having a picnic and having a good time. The Rhine Parks is located directly on the Rhine, where there is, among other things, a beach club (with real sand!) And a little further towards Deutz bridge, then the beautiful, new Rheinuferpromenade.

The new promenade of cologne

The cologne cable railway

Also in 1957, the Cologne cable railway went into operation and connects the district Deutz with the district Riehl. More than 17 million passengers have used the services of the cable railway already and it can be run at a height of 10 meters above the Rhine. If you are traveling with children just in the Rheinpark, it is an easy way to hop over to the Cologne Zoo in Riehl. Unfortunately there were some situations where tourists were stuck in the middle above the Rhine in the nacelle. The cable railway was stopped and a poor family had to be rescued from a great height. This was then of course a negative press release for the Cologne Cable railway.

"Rheinufer" promenade: the so called Rheinboulevard

Under the Deutz bridge it starts and goes - at the moment - to the Hohenzollern Bridge: the new boulevard in Cologne. The staircase has just been opened in the summer of 2015 and attracted there already hundreds of people, which usually, in the evenings, sit in the warm summer nights on the stairs, with Kölsch and wine and good mood and enjoyed these sensational view of the Cologne Cathedral. Very bright and warm stones were used and installed. The whole area is still not finalized, but will be fully opened in 2016th When doing that work around this point, of course, remains have been found from the Roman period again: the ruins and tombs for example.

Cologne Triangle
At the promenade: the Cologne triangle

The "Poller Wiesen" in the district Poll

Approximately at the height of Deutzer harbor begin the so called "Poller Wiesen" and go down towards "Rodenkirchener highway bridge". In summer many people are there on ceilings and take in the beautiful view and the nature and of course the Rhine. Swimming should be down there, but usually there are some people making themselves a litlle coolness by diving in the Rhine. "Grilling and chilling" is consistently popular with beautiful weather for large youth groups! In the fall you can have fun with kites there!

The funfair in Deutz

Every year in spring (mostly in april) the big funfair starts in Deutz directly at the river "Rhein". So if you stay at this time in our apartments, you will be close to this great family event. Especially popular with the little ones is certainly the "Wild Mouse" which "ape tooth" in a drive towards the Rhine and then at the last moment turns to the right. I myself be persuaded by my son and was glad to be able alighted again!

Also in the autumn

The same organizers, the same place: In Cologne likes to celebrate a lot! In the autumn there again is the big family festival in Deutz right next to the Rhine. A touch of Halloween and of course the popular Maron sellers lead to the feeling of autumn and coziness. Another report with many photos can be found here on the Funfair .

The funfair in cologne

For all the attractions and events: book our apartments Cologne

We've now reported in detail on many attractions of Cologne and would also conclude by mentioning that you in our apartments have of course the best starting points to look at all these things in Cologne. If you are a business man visiting the fair or as a tourist: Our vacation rentals are perfect for your stay in Köln Deutz! Very fast in the city center, because Deutz is the city center! You really live directly in cologne!