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Vacation Cologne

A vacation in Cologne is a great thing! And we have another great thing for you! Namely the holiday apartments in Cologne right in the center! Because our holiday apartments are perfectly located for Uhren Köln vacation. Beautiful accommodations with a mega plus: the perfect location! Because when you book accommodation in Cologne for your vacation, it should not only be beautiful and cheap, it should of course also be in the center so that you can see all the sights of our beautiful Rhine metropolis in peace.

Panorama Köln
Experience something in the cathedral city!

The perfect starting point for your vacation in Cologne

We have three beautiful holiday apartments or apartments in Cologne on offer for you! Take a look at the apartment profiles and you will be amazed. If you choose our properties, then rent directly from the owner! We are not a placement agency and therefore there are no additional fees or costs. You will receive your keys to the apartments in Cologne directly from the Weihofen family.

This is something different from a hotel in Cologne, since you have now taken up a small space in the middle of Cologne life. For a certain time you are part of the cathedral city , part of the most beautiful city in North Rhine Westphalia. When you stay in a hotel, you don't have as many impressions as when you rent one of our holiday apartments in Cologne.

Spend Easter in Cologne?

Why don't you spend your Easter holiday in the cathedral city? Especially in spring it is wonderful here, as the flowers bloom everywhere on the banks of the Rhine and invite you to take a wonderful walk. It is especially nice in the Rheinpark on the former railing of the Federal Garden Show! Thousands of flowers and plants are laid out there and they bloom in the most beautiful colors.

Using the Easter holidays for a city break is a wonderful idea. You will save a lot of money if you rent our holiday apartments and explore the cathedral city and enjoy culture instead of going on an expensive long-distance trip.

Urlaub Köln
Urlaub Köln

Our holiday apartments are popular

Because of their location, our apartments are very popular. Business people, but also private people who regularly come to the city, can now be welcomed as regular guests and we are of course very pleased! Our holiday apartments are in beautiful, well-kept apartment buildings in Cologne Deutz and they all have their own shower with toilet and of course a small kitchen so that you can have breakfast or something similar can prepare.

You will have a great vacation in Cologne!

Strong arguments for our holiday apartments in Cologne

Of course you book our holiday accommodation because you:

  • have the perfect location, right in the city center
  • are fully furnished
  • Can also be inhabited as a couple
  • and therefore of course cheaper than a hotel

Nothing is missing in our accommodations in Cologne , as they are fully furnished and also have free internet access via WLAN . You are also welcome to use our Cologne maps or books about the cathedral city and study so that you can prepare yourself well for the sights of the Rhine metropolis during your city trip in Cologne. Off to the city, because you are well prepared and can easily reach your next destination on foot.

The best vacation in Cologne at

You can of course visit the other districts of Cologne and see all the attractions there, but you should stay You with us, of course. Because we simply offer a perfect price-performance ratio with our affordable holiday apartments in Cologne. Have you ever heard of the trendy Ehrenfeld district? You can certainly visit it, but you should stay in the center of Cologne with us! Many of our tenants (especially vacationers from America or Canada) always combine their European tour with a visit to Cologne.

During this time, a neighboring city like Bonn or Düsseldorf will be visited and then on to beautiful Heidelberg. Heidelberg is amazingly well known and loved abroad! But actually you hardly have time to visit all the attractions when you live in our holiday apartments in Cologne:

  1. Exhibition in Cologne Deutz
  2. Cologne Cathedral
  3. Chocolate Museum
  4. The old town of Cologne
  5. The Cologne Zoo
  6. German Sports Museum
Messe Köln
Koeln Dom
Schokoladenmuseum Köln

Altstadt Köln

Pack everything: don't forget anything!

If you are on holiday in Cologne , then of course you have to pack a few things. And there we come to the unloved point when preparing a city trip or your vacation in Cologne: packing your suitcase! It's exhausting, especially for women, because they usually want or have to take a lot more with them than men. What must everything with? Do you only want to explore Cologne as a city trip and are dependent on good, sporty and above all comfortable clothing with good shoes, with which you can walk through the city for a long time?

Or do you want to go to a noble restaurant in Cologne and need elegant clothes? And if you answer YES to this question, then of course the ladies also want to put on their make-up beautifully and that's where it starts? Where, how and anyway do we pack all of this? And if you also want to go out in a disco in Cologne, then maybe completely different things will be necessary. And especially if you want to visit the Cologne Carnival ! Then of course one or maybe several costumes have to be packed!

Urlaub Köln
Urlaub Köln

The packing list for the city trip to the cathedral

When you go on a trip , a lot of people wonder what they have to pack. To make your trip to Cologne very easy, has put together the practical packing list for you. So, quickly packed!

The city trip packing list

Would you like to take a photo of the cathedral? Save yourself a sunburn? I agree! Then everything has to be included so that everything can be done and small problems (such as sunburn) cannot even arise. For this reason we have created a packing list for the Cologne trip . In any case, nothing will be forgotten!

Urlaub Köln
Urlaub Köln

Money is always important!

Of course you always need one thing on a vacation trip: namely the lovely money! Of course, this is not just about pure cash, but also about all the lovely cards! But don't forget all the contact details and emergency numbers of the banks and credit institutions in case the cards are lost or even stolen.

  1. Neck pouch
  2. the classic wallet
  3. a bum bag or a belt bag
  4. the EC card
  5. your credit card
  6. Contact details of the banks or credit bank

Cleanliness and maintenance

Certainly there are differences in planning: is it a long trip? Or rather just a three-day trip? Depending on the situation, you have to put more or less in the toiletry bag or suitcase. Certain things, but must always be included! So which hygiene items should be packed? Here is the list to tick off:

  1. the toiletry bag
  2. Toothbrush
  3. Toothpaste
  4. Tooth rinse
  5. Deodorant and or perfume
  6. a comb or a brush for your hair
  7. Hair ties
  8. Various creams: body, hand and face cream
  9. Labello
  10. Sunscreen
  11. Contact lenses
  12. Combination solution for contact lenses
  13. Make-up and co. for women
  14. Make-up removal wipes etc.
  15. ear sticks
  16. razors
  17. Shaving foam
  18. Aftershave
  19. handkerchiefs
  20. Contraception: Condoms and Co.

Appropriate clothing is important!

During a city trip in Cologne , you naturally want to see and explore as much as possible, which is why we recommend one thing above all: comfortable and practical clothing! And of course comfortable and practical shoes! If you want to visit a restaurant or a brewery in Cologne, then you can of course also bring "chic" shoes. In addition to the clothes and shoes, you should also think of the "headwear". Because especially in summer it is advisable to bring a sun hat or cap with you. Long walks on the Rhine or through the city also expose the walks to possible and then strong sunlight. Because even in Cologne the sun can be very strong! And if you visit a museum or an old building in the cathedral city, then you could also bring a light jacket or cardigan with you in case the air conditioning is too cold is. So, here is the packing list:

  1. Cardigan
  2. light jacket
  3. long and short pants
  4. a belt or suspenders
  5. Sweatshirts and sweaters
  6. Hoodies
  7. Dresses and skirts
  8. T-shirts for the sunny moments
  9. Underwear
  10. lots of socks
  11. pajamas or sleeping clothes
  12. Hats, caps, hats
  13. Umbrellas
  14. Sunglasses

Medicines and Co

We don't want to hope so, but it happened so quickly: you get sick on vacation or have a slight injury. Headache, blisters on your feet or an unpleasant insect bite: anything can happen. And that's why you should be prepared. Wait, some might say: "There are also pharmacies in Cologne" ! Of course! And if these are open, you can of course simply buy everything there. But as it always is: such problems or accidents usually always occur when the pharmacies in the vicinity are already closed! And that's why you could just take some with you. Here is the corresponding packing list:

  1. an anti-bubble stick
  2. the blister plaster
  3. Antipyretic
  4. Herpes cream
  5. an anti-diarrhea drug
  6. the first aid kit
  7. Mosquito repellent
  8. Asthma spray
  9. Creams for insect bites
  10. Your personal medication
  11. Adhesive plaster
  12. a pack of headache tablets
Urlaub Köln
Urlaub Köln

ID cards, driver's license and Co.

On your city trip in Cologne you must of course always be able to identify yourself . In addition to all the identification documents, it is advisable to carry all contact details from home with you. And surely you also want to send one or two postcards home ?! And what do you need for that? Exactly, the address list of friends and relatives! Here is the complete checklist of important documents and addresses:

  1. Your flight tickets
  2. the train ticket if you arrive by train
  3. the vaccination cards
  4. a city guide
  5. Contact details for
  6. Address list of friends and relatives
  7. ADAC data
  8. Your driver's license
  9. ID cards
  10. the health insurance cards

Bags, rucksacks and Co.

Yes, if you travel a lot, then you may have to pack a lot and take with you! And how and where should the things be packed? In suitable bags or rucksacks, of course! The hands have to be free to make phone calls, take photos or drink Kölsch! To ensure that everything runs smoothly and easily, you will find the next packing list here:

  1. several zip bags for the airport
  2. Compression bag
  3. Bags for electronics
  4. Notebook bag
  5. Photo bag
  6. Woman's handbag
  7. Trolleys
  8. Suitcase
  9. bigger backpack
  10. smaller backpack

The right shoes

Now we come to a very important point! The right footwear! When you come to Cologne on a city trip, you want to see as much of the city as possible and explore everything. To do this, you have to walk many kilometers in the city and therefore your shoes should be as practical and comfortable as possible. Sneakers or new German "sneakers" seem to be perfect here! If you already have walking shoes, you can of course use them! So it should be shoes that you can walk well in and that are already "broken in" if possible. And if you want to go out, then of course you have to bring a pair of stylish shoes with you. So here again the practical packing list from

  1. Pair of slippers or flip-flops
  2. Chic shoes for going out
  3. good walking shoes
  4. Sneaker
  5. practical sneakers

This and that

We come to the last point: all the rest! And this is not a general packing list, but everyone can choose "their" favorites. Because not everyone likes to read a book, maybe they don't read at all or rather have an e-book reader ?! So, just have a look what "suits" you. So here is the individual packing list:

  1. Sewing set
  2. Sleep mask
  3. Earplugs for a peaceful sleep
  4. Umbrella or rain poncho
  5. Books and newspapers
  6. Ebook

Bed linen and Co.

When you book at, you don't have to worry about one thing: towels and bed linen! Yes, exactly, this is included in the package price. Practical for you, because this leaves a lot of space in the case for many other things. But if you have an allergy and bring your own laundry, then of course you should also think about it. Or if you are planning a visit to the swimming pool or the Claudius Therme: then please bring your own bath towels with you. So, here is the shortest packing list:

  1. Bath towels
  2. Your allergy bedding

The multimedia packing list

You want to take lots of photos and "take home lots of impressions!" That's why you shouldn't forget your cell phone or the great digital camera. Photos should not only be shared on social media, but should also land in the home photo album. And that's why here is the best of electrical packing list:

  1. the popular selfie stick
  2. Headphones
  3. Luggage scale
  4. Charging cable for every device
  5. Power bank for on the go
  6. SD cards
  7. Digital camera with case or cover

Well, once you've worked your way through all of these lists, you shouldn't forget anything on your city trip to the cathedral city. Cologne on the Rhine is well worth a visit and so are our holiday apartments!

Urlaub Köln
Urlaub Köln
Urlaub Köln
Urlaub Köln

More luggage on the return journey?

And now hold on tight, dear men: important news! Most of the guests leave Cologne with significantly more luggage than they brought with them. And this is definitely only due to Cologne's hospitality, but also to the numerous, popular shopping streets in Cologne! Just to mention:

  • The Hohe Straße
  • The Schildergasse
  • Ehrenstrasse

It is particularly important here for the faithful husband: Never let your wife out of sight. You can find the best shoes and the most beautiful clothes here very quickly, because the range in Cologne is simply huge!

Urlaub Köln
Urlaub Köln

How do I pack my suitcase?

How do you get as much as possible in a suitcase? Here are some tips on how to save as much space as possible:

  1. Lay out clothing as flat as possible and fill the entire area. Avoid "thick spots"
  2. Fill up caps and hats with small underwear or stockings if possible
  3. Do not bring jewelry boxes with you, but rather carry everything with you in small jewelry bags
  4. Place small parts (cables, belts etc.) in hollow articles if possible (e.g. glasses case)
  5. Always carry shampoo, toothpaste, etc. with you as travel items (available in small units especially for holidays in the drugstore)
  6. If you travel by plane, you should rather use a hard case, as the cases are always stacked during transport at the airport
  7. On the other hand, a normal suitcase is more suitable for a road trip, not a hard case. These "soft" suitcases are more likely to give in and "fill" the car better.
  8. Light luggage always up
  9. Please consider the following when traveling by car: The first-aid kit and the warning triangle must always be accessible, or you can simply put them in your car last!
  10. Secure the heavy load with ropes or tension belts so that the case cannot hit you in the event of an emergency brake
  11. Small parts should be collected in cloth bags (so that they do not fly through the car in the event of an emergency stop) and then inserted into free gaps between the suitcases
  12. To be on the safe side, you can also secure the entire luggage with blankets and fix it with ropes or lashing straps

Welcome to Cologne

So when you have packed your suitcases and made the journey behind you, we look forward to welcoming you to the Rhine metropolis. Your Weihofen family! When will you visit us again? Your overnight stay in Cologne ! Your

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