The longest Desch vun Kölle

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The weather was still reasonably good and that's why we set off this Sunday to visit the "longest Disch von Köllee" . A street festival in the middle of the Severninsviertel .

The longest Desch vun Kölle

The expectations were high

The newspapers in Cologne have already reported on the big festival and the radio station "Radio Köln" has been promoting this event all week. Apparently a huge thing and so of course our expectations were high.

We rent apartments in Cologne Deutz , but the Weihofen family lives in Erftstadt Lechenich and that's why we are Together with our children we took the regional train to the "Köln Messe Deutz" station. From there, take the number 3 or 4 tram to the Severinsstraße stop. And we are there and we can start. It is about 12 noon and there doesn't seem to be much going on on the laid table on Severinsstraße . Incidentally, this is located in the Altstadt Süd .

The first impressions

There is one snack stand next to the next . And then a beer tent set and then another food truck. Hmm, we expected a bit of variety here so that it is not that boring. Maybe some junk, something to discover and to look at. Of course, the comparison with "our" street festival in Deutz was close and came straight to our minds. There is a lot for the children to play, a little carousel, something in sales, competitions and then also the food trucks and the Cologne stands. However, these clearly have the upper hand here.

Oh, there are some stands with sales. Nice furniture and furnishings. Finally something to look at! For my children there is unfortunately nothing on offer ... No competitions and nothing else to marvel at.

Probably more busy in the evening

There is a whole lot of Kölsch stalls and snack stands. Plus a large stage and lots of space in front of it. This suggests that there is probably more going on here on the "longest Desch vun Kölle". There the party and the older audience are probably more in focus.

The stage is right in front of St. Magdalenen. This church of St. Maria Magdalena was built as a Catholic parish church. This Cologne church was built before 1196 and was then opened as a parish chapel of the St. Severin Abbey. However, it was laid down in 1805.

This vicariate chapel was first mentioned in a document at the end of the 12th century. In 1312, the first indication was given that it could also be used as a parish church. Incidentally, it was built in the Romanesque style.

My conclusion

We were quickly through this street festival. There was simply too little to see and too many "food stalls" . There were no opportunities for children to do anything. Quickly a bratwurst and that was it ... Sure, if you are in a group with friends in the evening on the "longest Disch von Kölle", it can be fun. A lot of Kölsch, music and then certainly a good mood and mood. So a strongly target group oriented event. In the event that you are looking for exactly this and would like to spend an exciting weekend in Cologne, our accommodations offer themselves. Do not hesitate and request your non-binding offer now! Your holiday apartment Cologne !

Die Severinstorburg
Die Severinstorburg

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