The world brand and world fragrance 4711

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The production of this perfume brand has been around for a long time. It was probably first produced in 1799. Since then it is immensely popular. It is a unique mixture and recipe that is used for this perfume. Only later was the refreshing perfume called 4711 and as such a brand also world famous. Wilhelm Mülhens sold the perfume first in Cologne. To date, 4711 is produced and has expanded its range many times. 4711 is also called Original Eau de Cologne. This designation may officially carry the cologne. The brand is truly everyone's idea. It is a world brand.

The looks at the Globetrotters!

A look in the arena

Who does not know this scene: a cool basketball guy turns the basketball quickly with his hand and puts it on the outstretched index finger. The ball rotates very fast and looks like a globe that turns very fast and does not fall off your finger! Brilliant! And to that, the basketball player's big grin!

The coolest tricks


The best breweries in Cologne

The famous innkeeper Lommi

We want to support you and give you tips and information about the top breweries. All impressions and opinions are of course subjective and can be felt differently by other people. But we try to recommend fair and correct!

Not all seen!


Due to lack of time, of course, we have not tested all breweries for a long time yet. We try very hard and will drink a lot of Kölsch and delicious food to inform you comprehensively! I promise.


The Lommi



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