The city of cologne

Cologne is the third largest city in Germany!

The city of Cologne (Cöln early spelling) is geographically the third largest city in Germany and the largest city of Nordrhein-Westfalen! On Kölsch "Kölle" called. Cologne million city! Over a million people! The great location at the Rhine, the city not only known as an important trading location and transportation hub, but also world famous because of itsbig cathedral. There were created a lot of important and well-known buildings in Cologne. The most famous building of them is certainly the Cologne Dom. Here is a small list of some important buildings in Cologne:

The cathedral of cologne The Lanxess Arena The Kölntriangle
157 meters high 76 meters high 103 meters high

A little insider tip: On the KölnTriangle you can accessed by elevator (costs about 3 EUR) and have a really great view over Cologne! In all directions. So if you not exactly like to climb the 533 steps up of the Cologne Cathedral, this is a simple variant to avoid!

The business location Cologne

Trade, tourism and transport were certainly always a very important pillar in the economy of Cologne. Unfortunately, many traditional companies have disappeared with its own production in Cologne. But at the same time, the city was able to develop well and has become home for many corporate headquarters. Well known and large companies settled in the areas of: film and television production, software and computer games, or mechanical and automotive manufacturing. The areas publishing or insurance also take here an important role. So we are Media City and were not entirely in vain awarded the title "digitalste city in Germany". In Cologne, numerous TV stations, media companies, publishing houses and record companies have settled.

RTL Microsoft M. DuMont Schauberg
ca. 500 workers not known over 4000 workers

Training and studies in Cologne

The city of Cologne is a university city with over 40,000 students! Moreover Cologne has its own college with over 16,000 students. This naturally revive the famous nightlife of Cologne.

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Cranhäuser Köln
The Cranhäuser of cologne

The Rheinpromenad and the cathedral

Ferienwohnung Köln

Fewo in cologne

Unterkunft Köln

Fewo Nummer 1

Fewo Nummer 2

Fewo Nummer 3