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The Magic Media Company - generally known by the abbreviation MMC - is based in Cologne, more precisely in the Ossendorf district, and is a privately owned television and film production company.

MMC Studios

As early as 1991, the company opened its first location in Hürth with the blue unicorn as a logo, where the first three studios were created by converting empty warehouses and corresponding outbuildings. Over time, the location grew to the size of 18 studios and seven control rooms. At the end of the 1990s, however, a further expansion of the existing studio area in Hürth was no longer possible, which is why the MMC , on the site of the former Cologne-Butzweilerhof airport, which today is largely due to its far-reaching aviation history is even a listed building and opened a second location. Here is the well-known Coloneum, which, in addition to a broadcast processing and six control rooms, houses another twenty studios of considerable size. Since 2011, the Hürth location has no longer been used by the Magic Media Company .

Very modern studio area

The MMC operates one of the largest and most modern studio areas in all of Europe . The entire area extends over an area of ​​157,000 m², on which there is not only 27,000 m² of studio space, which is divided into 20 different studios, but also 28,000 m² of office space and 12,000 m² of storage space. The total area of ​​the site is the equivalent of 22 soccer fields! Every year, 200 shows are produced at the location, including well-known and popular soaps such as Unter uns, All that matters and Forbidden Love, but also popular casting and dance shows such as Germany are looking for the superstar, Das Supertalent and Let's Dance. MMC has already realized 12,500 series episodes and 100 film productions, in which national and international stars have participated, in addition there are 80 YouTube shows at the location and the 300 meter long and 6000 m² Coloneum Mall is one for trade fairs and events very popular location. In addition to the Coloneum Mall, in which RTL often also shoots interviews and which may already appear familiar to many, there are a total of 19 further television and film studios, the smallest having a size of 174.30 m² and the largest Studio remarkable 2565 m².

MMC Studios

MMC Studios

MMC Studios

MMC Studios

MMC Studios

MMC Studios

MMC Studios

MMC Studios

MMC Studios

MMC Studios

The Coloneum, in which a large part of the shows are produced by ProSieben, Sat.1 and RTL and with Babylon Berlin and Da you will never get it! also some shows of the public channels ARD and ZDF, with a total height of 26 meters, also has the two highest film studios in the world. In addition, "The Suite", which is the largest color grading studio in North Rhine-Westphalia, and the largest daylight studio in Europe can also be found here. The MMC therefore owns a real studio area of ​​superlatives. There is also a green box studio with 216 m² of floor space and 125 m² of playing space. Of course, the large-scale studio area also offers good opportunities for shooting outside and setting up appropriate outdoor backdrops.

The full service provider

For productions at your location, the Magic Media Company offers an experienced team and extensive service, making it one of the leading full-service providers for entertainment shows and series in Germany. The MMC team offers, for example, pre-production, production and transmission as well as post-production of TV shows. This reliable service is the guarantee for the successful cooperation with all major production companies and broadcasters of German television culture, where customer satisfaction is always in the foreground.

Another central facility of MMC Studios is the Art Department, where equipment for production is worked on. Be it set buildings and backdrops, architecture for trade fairs and events or interior, the art department, together with the company's own stage construction workshops and the set design office, reliably ensures their implementation - even for external productions, such as those sought for large shows such as Germany Superstar and Germany´s next top model take place. An example of this is the impressive stage set-up for the final of Germany's next top model in 2016, which took place in Castell del Bellver in Palma de Mallorca.

When looking for an office, modern and fully equipped offices with sizes from 20 to 1400 m² can also be rented permanently or only for a certain period of time. The extensive range of services offered by MMC Studios also extends e.g. also on safety concepts and risk assessments.

Film and television fans

The MMC also has something suitable for interested film and television fans - so you can explore the dazzling television and film world in a studio tour. This is a daily 90-minute TV backstage tour, where visitors have the opportunity to get a comprehensive behind-the-scenes look at a wide range of areas and to get a taste of the notorious television air. For example, the tour leads through TV and film sets, the mask room, the green screen studio, the control room and many other areas that are extremely important for the production of a series or a film. However, since MMC Studios is not a museum or amusement park, it can of course happen that due to the ongoing production, individual sets or rooms may not be able to be visited - an insight into a world that you would otherwise only see from the other Can watch the side of the TV, but it will not be tarnished either.

Many shows , which are produced in the MMC Studios, are also recorded in front of an audience, so it is of course also possible to buy tickets for these shows and, instead of in front of the television, simply live to be at his favorite show. During such a stay, of course, the physical well-being of the guests is also taken care of - the MMC Café has a gastronomic offer, you can get hot and cold snacks and drinks on site. If you would like to round off your visit with the purchase of a souvenir, the energy drink "Magic Unicorn Puke", which is only available at MMC Studios, is offered in the main foyer.

For VOX, for example, Die Höhle der Löwen and Shopping Queen are produced in the MMC Studios, for Sat.1 popular shows such as Dancing on Ice, Genial Beseben, Murder with Announcement and Celebrity Big Brother. The extremely successful newcomer The Masked Singer was also filmed in the Magic Media Company studios in Cologne. The Medicus, Hindenburg, Monsieur Pierre goes online, Buddenbrooks and Die fabelbare Welt der Amélie are just a few of the numerous film productions to be named for which the MMC is responsible. Actor Ben Kingsley, one of the main actors in the film The Medicus, described MMC Studios as "excellent studios" and "the Hollywood of Europe".

Little Hollywood in Germany!

With its more than considerable location size , the countless studios, the diverse production and management options as well as a creative and ambitious team, the Cologne-based Magic Media Company has everything that makes a true dream factory and that in the middle in Germany!

Your visit to MMC Studios

Do you want to visit MMC Studios? You are exactly right with us! Rent a holiday apartment Cologne with a minimum occupancy of three nights. We look forward to your non-binding inquiry!

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