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The reports about the motorcycle fair in the cathedral city!

The red baron at Intermot!

This year INTERMOT (International Motorcycle and Scooter Fair) celebrated its 20th birthday . INTERMOT , this is the second largest trade fair for motorized two-wheelers. It takes place every two years. While the fair took place in Munich between 1998 and 2004, the event location subsequently changed. Since then Cologne has been the venue in October. With the move to Kölnmesse , she returned to her homeland. It has its origin there. Because split off from the IFMA (International Bicycle and Motorcycle Exhibition), which was held in Cologne between 1996 and 2008.

Electric mobility in the foreground

In 2018, the topic of electromobility was the focus at INTERMOT. The area in which e-scooters, e-motorbikes and pedelecs were presented received the Designation INTERMOT e-motion. On the approximately 100,000 square meter exhibition space in the exhibition halls and the approximately 60,000 square meter outdoor area, it was mainly small manufacturers from Asia who presented their new products. They are the pioneers when it comes to electromobility on two wheels. The big and established motorcycle manufacturers like BMW, Ducati or Honda did not present any world novelties at INTERMOT.

Many exhibitors from abroad

A look at the exhibition catalog shows how attractive the fair is for exhibitors from abroad. There are 1,041 companies listed that exhibited their products at INTERMOT in 2018. Two thirds of the exhibitors come from abroad . This includes not only neighboring European countries, but also countries from other continents. The exhibitors traveled from the USA, Pakistan, Taiwan and China, among others. In addition to the manufacturers, the ADAC (General German Automobile Club) was also shown. It increasingly sees itself as a mobility club that also wants to appeal to motorcyclists.

The latest trends

The INTERMOT 2018 has confirmed several trends that have emerged on the scene in recent years. On the one hand, they concern the design of the machines. Here the retro cult continues. Classic forms are back in fashion. In addition, there are now also a variety of assistance systems for bikers. They make it easier for the driver to check his motorcycle in borderline situations. Another trend that was underlined at INTERMOT concerns machines from the entry-level segment. Inexpensive motorcycles are always on the rise and are forming a new class. It consists of bikes with a cubic capacity of around 800 cubic centimeters, an output between 80 and 100 hp and a weight of less than 200 kilograms. These machines, equipped with a two-cylinder in-line engine, are already available for less than 10,000 euros.

Who was there?

But not only the manufacturers were represented at the fair. The producers of accessories and tuning parts also exhibited their products. The result was partly very striking machines. It's not just about giving the motorcycle a sporty look with the right fairings. The "Customizing" also played a major role at INTERMOT. The trend is about individualizing the machine. It is important to change it in such a way that it corresponds to your own ideas and is therefore truly unique. This can be done by reducing it to the essential components. A motorcycle that has been modified in this way consists only of the frame and the most important technical components. INTERMOT customized was an independent area, which presented itself as big this year as never before. This segment was integrated into the trade fair concept two years ago.

Action and stunt shows

The 220,000 visitors to INTERMOT 2018 could not only look at the machines. On the test area outside, they had the opportunity to sit behind the handlebars and familiarize themselves with the idiosyncrasies.

Action and a great spectacle were also provided at INTERMOT. In stunt shows true experts showed how a motorcycle can be moved in an unconventional way. The pilots of the FIM European Street Freestyle Cup weren't just about looking good. For them it is a sport that they practice regularly. They compete against each other in competitions for the best posture grades. The Night of the Jumps in the nearby Kölnarena provided another spectacle on the penultimate day of the fair. The special highlight: With the ticket for this event, guests were also able to visit INTERMOT on any day.

For women

The LADIES @ INTERMOT program explicitly addressed women. As part of this initiative, women met to plan trade fair tours together or to exchange views on the topics of the fair. Anyone who registered for the trade fair tours in advance received the price of the admission ticket. That paid off: the proportion of interested bikers in the total audience increased by four percentage points. Women made up 22 percent of visitors this year. The organizers also saw a significant increase in young guests. The proportion of visitors up to the age of 21 rose by 50 percent. Around 35 percent of the visitors came from abroad.


INTERMOT 2018 showed that the motorcycle scene is changing . She tries to find the balancing act between tradition and modernity. Mobility is rethought and adapted. The fair managed to appeal to a new audience this year. This shows that there is potential in the area of ​​young and female motorcyclists that has not yet been exploited. Even if there are no major new products from the well-known manufacturers, the organizers and exhibitors are satisfied with the course of the fair. You say that INTERMOT has once again succeeded in fulfilling its role as a driving force for the motorcycle scene. Unlike in previous years, the trade fair organizers have not announced an appointment for the next INTERMOT. If it takes place, she would be a regular guest in Cologne in October 2020 .

Our assessment was also at Intermot this year! I was really excited and expected a lot of "Remmi Demmi" and "Hot women on cool bikes". And of course a great show with music and action. Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed.

Overall, the fair seemed a bit lame to me. There were probably one or the other lady in hot pants who was bored on a bike and sometimes some music, but somewhere the eye-catcher was missing here! The action, the rockers, the party ... oh, I don't know ... I was expecting something, but unfortunately that was almost nothing. Ok, you could see the great bikes and the custom bikes were really great, but that was it.

The outdoor area with the stunt show was certainly a good idea, but because of the partly bad weather it was somehow not so popular. So there was no mood.

Conclusion: Certainly worth seeing for motorcycle fans, for onlookers like me, then somewhat boring at some point. If you want to take a look at the Intermot, you can of course book with us: Apartments cologne ! We look forward to your inquiry!

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