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On the weekend of 09.11-10.11.2019. Found the Veggieworld in the cathedral city for the first time. Venue is the XPOST, Gladbacher Wall 5, 50670 Cologne. The apartment Cologne was also on site and reported on this great show! Let yourself be surprised what we have discovered.

Veggieworld 2019

The journey

Since the fair aroused our interest, I drove to the XPOST on Saturday. With public transport you could reach the venue very well and therefore we have decided to a quick and easy journey by S-Bahn. From Cologne Central Station we drove very quickly to the Hansa Ring and walked the last 800 meters.

The venue

The XPOST is housed in a listed building dating back to 1895 and has a very large 4,000 square meter exhibition hall. So it is enough space for around 100 exhibitors and the expected guests. Directly adjacent is still a parking garage with about 400 parking spaces. So this location is perfect for even smaller and upcoming fairs that might not yet fill the huge exhibition halls in Cologne Deutz.

The expectation

We have been interested in the topic of healthy nutrition for some time now and so we were very interested in getting an insight into this world. We wanted to get to know and try new things and maybe buy one or the other article at the fair price. In our minds, the whole event was meant to showcase new healthy eating opportunities on a natural basis.

The audience and the staff

Visitors to the show saw a striking number of young people who were interested in a healthy diet. Of course, older people were also present. The atmosphere was very informal, relaxed and friendly, which I noticed directly. There was no hectic bustle, but rather a movement in slow motion. That was sometimes too slow for me. The fair staff was very friendly and helpful. Striking was a security at the entrance of determined five to six people.

The fair and the exhibitors

The fair was designed like any other fair and shaped like a small "Christmas market". A special distribution or grouping of exhibitors I could not recognize or notice. The individual stands were simply separated from each other by partition walls or were rather "open". Light and temperature in the hall were good . It was also not too loud or too restless.

There was a start-up area, an area with a stage and chairs, and opportunities for resting and eating. Numerous beer tent sets or bar tables invited. There were several veggie burgers and a lot of Fritz Cola, which I had rather wondered. Health-conscious people have been lured by the advertising industry and consumed without any consideration for losses.

The Products

Somehow I had expected more products and ideas. Sometimes it was always the soy or almond milk or the cheese substitute product. Where we actually could test extremely good cheese substitutes . These were really delicious and I will buy them! They tasted so delicious that I can recommend them without hesitation!

What was also extremely good and tasty was the pea milk! The Happea company presented itself and its four flavors of pea milk: Barista, Chocolate, Original and Vanilla. And they really tasted really delicious! The drinks are the vegetable protein drink par excellence! It is protein rich, low in sugar and full of nutrients! This is not a paid ad here. I do not get any money and unfortunately no drinks from Happea, but I just like the product and would like to inform you! What else does this herbal protein drink offer? Well, there's a whole lot more: vegan, lactose free, GMO free, soy free, gluten free, nut free, with vitamin B12 and vitamin D3, calcium, iron and zinc! Sounds good and tastes good too . I will order the drinks now on the Internet, as they are probably not yet sold in the trade. You are in talks. Hopefully it will work!

Also great was the sunflower hack from the company Sunflower Family! Also at this booth you could try for free and it was really great tasted! That would probably be the ideal supplement to the gluten-free noodles! The products of this company can even be bought in the supermarket or organic markets! We'll do that now!

Then we discovered the stand of the company "Happy Cashew" and tried the cheese substitute. This one was just amazing! So creamy and delicious and completely without milk! Absolutely test and smear on bread! Heavenly!

Since also the company PurRaw was represented at the fair, I had actually already mentally prepared to buy something there at trade fair prices. Unfortunately, the stand was big, but I was not really happy, because there were simply offered the normal prices. VeggieWorld, however, actively promoted trade fair prizes?! All in all, the nutritional supplements area was a bit too short at the fair or the area of ​​plant food from far away countries. Because when I was on the Anuga in October, I was offered the inside of a tree from Mexico or Costa Rica, almost as a vegetable delicacy from another culture. Certainly there are vegetable delicacies in many other countries that I would have liked to meet at this fair. Unfortunately, I was disappointed at this point. But ok, it was the first Veggie World in Cologne and it can only get better.

Negatively I would like to mention (the name of the company I do not call) a booth, which offered fruity juices in small plastic bottles and advertised with a high proportion of vitamin B12! As a vegetarian, of course, we are interested in this topic, so we talked to the lady at the booth. On the colored pictures and the advertisement at the stand, only apples and oranges were shown in bright colors. Of course it was questionable how the high vitamin B12 content gets into the bottles. Upon request, we were then informed that in the bottles only apple and Organgensaft (or just concentrate?) Is and the vitamin B12 in the form of tablets or chemistry is added. And I've read before, that this is not necessarily the healthiest option, as bacteria are grown in the laboratory for this purpose or to make it, which may also be genetically modified or bred. And I do not want to do any chemistry, as I would like to eat a healthy diet. Best fresh and pure vegetable! That's why we simply left the lady with her bottles and left without tasting.

There was also the opportunity to try and buy vegan wines. We did not use this possibility. But I'm very interested in this topic.

Veggie World conclusion

The fair is especially interesting for "fresh" vegetarians. With an entrance fee of 13 euros, the entrance is not expensive. For the 13 euros you get a lot and can just try many things or watch a lot of interesting lectures and cooking shows on the Veggie Stage. As an entry the fair is certainly very good . But if you've been vegetarian or vegan for some time then you just want more! Discover even more new things and experience an aha effect. I missed even more news, even more foreign products you may not have seen in the organic market. And just at this point, the fair still has so much potential to improve and develop, so I'm looking forward to a significant increase! In any case, the visit is highly recommended.

Your visit to Cologne

Want to visit Veggie World? Whether as a visitor or as an exhibitor, you are exactly right with us! Rent a Apartment Cologne with a minimum occupancy of three nights and combine your visit with a city break in the cathedral city! There's a lot to discover here! Art, culture and much more await you! We look forward to your non-binding inquiry!

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