Canceled: Kölsch Festival in Old Town

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Cologne - It was already approved by the city and we would have been happy for the guests in our apartments Cologne, because the Heumarkt is really just a stone's throw away. But unfortunately it does not work! For the Cologne Brewery Association has to pop the planned festival with the great name of "500 years German Reinheitsgebot".

Heumarkt Köln

Supposedly it failed due to the short warm-up period to a good implementation to ensure. We are somewhat surprised and wonder why such a large composite organisation of several breweries is not able to organise (unter anderem Gaffel, Früh Kölsch, Mühlen-Kölsch) this festival? Was this really only a organisation problem or were the requirements of the city of cologne to high? The keywords here: Safety precautions and emergency plans. We still remember, for example, to the rejection of the traditional BXM Events in Cologne, which was also canceled by the organizers, because the city had built a (even for these athletes) insurmountable "bureaucratic hurdles".

As compensation actually canceled Altstadtfest now takes place, which should give way to the brewery festival. It takes place at the Haymarket in August. We are looking forward to it!

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