Hostel Cologne: Not always cheap!

The hostel is located in Köln Deutz district. Köln Deutz is certainly one of the best positions or starting points in Cologne to all famous attractions within walking distance. Located very close to the Lanxess Arena and the price "Köln Messe Deutz" located the Hostel Köln Deutz is (City Hostel Köln) ideal for schools and clubs for the trip to Cologne. The Rhine metropolis has finally offers. The Hostel is sure to be fully booked in Cologne Hockey World Cup 2017th Finally, the City Hostel is located very close to the Lanxess Arena, which will be indeed the venue for the Ice Hockey World Championship in Cologne.

Hostel cologne

Many beds for many people

The City Hostel Cologne has 157 rooms (single and multi-bed rooms) with a total of 506 beds! So if you come to the football club, the bowling club or school class to Cologne, then this is certainly a good place for the night. If you get to know the city, but as a businessman or as a couple to Cologne come, then you should consider whether you really want to sleep with other people in a room. Ok, there are eight family rooms, but ...

Hostel or Apartment Cologne?

Now that you have searched the internet for just a hostel in Cologne, then you should also think for an alternative for your stay in Cologne eventually. How about, for example, with an apartment in Cologne? An apartment can certainly not as large groups accommodation like a hostel in Cologne, but if you belong to the group of people Businessman or couple, then provides a vacation rental in Cologne for a real alternative! Apartments offer similarly favorable prices for a better living standard than a hostel.

  • A apartment personally just for you alone
  • your own bathroom with shower and toilet
  • your own kitchen
  • your personal space just for you alone!

Many benefits can we list for an apartment, which can not offer a Hostel in Cologne. The hostel in Cologne Deutz (Cologne City Hostel) is ideally located for special occasions and groups of people: young people who want to visit the world's largest games fair Gamescom or see teams that Sylvester fireworks in Cologne. Hostel or apartment ?!

Could we inspire you with our apartments in Cologne? Ask immediately by email or phone to your non-binding offer!

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