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What can you do in Cologne? Well, if you come as a tourist to Cologne, then you will certainly want to see all the important and interesting sights of the city in a very short time. You also want to be able to see and experience the culture and the special features of the city. Since time is short on every holiday, we want to help you here and list the most important things. This helps you find your way around quickly and does not waste time searching.

You want to look at the highlights in the Domcity and do not waste any time, so you can experience as much as possible and take home beautiful memories. That's why we have chosen the best for you, so to speak, the things that you must have seen in any case.

The sights of Cologne

Our beautiful city has a lot of beautiful attractions on offer. Many are internationally known and attract thousands of tourists every year. We list the most popular things here, so that you have visited them in any case.

The Cologne Cathedral

The "Hohe Kirche zu Köln" is internationally known and is often photographed by our Asian guests. The cathedral is xx meters high and you can climb it on foot. The entrance for the dome slope is on the right side. If the weather is nice, then it is really fun to walk up the 533 steps of the cathedral. However, we can not recommend older people and people with disabilities. Furthermore, there is of course no toilet up there, so you have this need best done before ever. If you can not manage the 533 steps due to physical or health problems, we recommend visiting the "Cologne Triangle". This is a glass high-rise on the other side of the Rhine in Cologne-Deutz. There is a beautiful observation deck, which can be easily reached by elevator. Viewpoints are subject to a charge.

The Cologne Cathedral is still home to regular masses, so we would like to point out that you dress appropriately and pay due respect to the religious process.

In Cologne Cathedral there is still a lot to admire art and historical treasures. Among other things, the bones of the "Three Magi" are in this church. There are also a lot of pictures and stained glass windows to admire. In the run-up to Christmas there is always a large Christian nativity set up.

The Cologne Triangle

As mentioned above, this is a great viewing platform. If the sky offers a clear view, then you should visit this great place in any case. There you have an incredible 360 ​​degree view over Cologne! As already written, the visit is also possible for people with reduced physical and mental health problems. Currently, the ride on the lift, high on the observation deck, only costs 3 euros. You definitely should not miss this.

The Hohenzollern Bridge

And because the visit actually results on its own (the bridge is located exactly between the cathedral and the Cologne Triangle), the reference to the bridge with the love castles. Exactly! Many love locks hang on this bridge. Why love locks? Because there is the following custom in Cologne: If a couple embraces eternal love, then they go together to the Hohenzollern Bridge, hang a lock there (as a symbol of love) and then throw together, the keys of the castle in the Rhine. Why, because one should not open the love anymore or is closed forever.

The chocolate museum

This museum is now well known and is especially in bad weather as a great destination. With great attention to detail, the origins of chocolate, the machines required for that purpose and Imhoff are presented here. The absolute highlight of the museum is a huge chocolate fountain! There you can also snack on the delicious chocolate.

The Museum Ludwig

This museum is suitable for art lovers and those who may want to become one! In the museum is a large collection of works by the famous painter Pablo Picasso. Mr. Peter Ludwig has collected a fantastic private collection of ceramics, sketches, prints and, of course, paintings. This can be admired there.

The Roman Germanic Museum

Another museum? Yes, exactly: in Cologne the history and the culture are capitalized. This museum has some great Roman antiques, beautiful jewelery, artifacts and the world famous Dyonisos mosaic.

The Cologne Zoo

This is an excursion tip for families with children. The beautiful Cologne Zoo. He has many animal enclosures and a great playground for children. There, adults can rest and let the kids run wild. Of course you can cleverly combine this excursion with a ride on the cable car in Cologne. This has the stop directly at the Cologne zoo.

The Cologne cable car

It is a great experience to take the cable car once over the Rhine and to look at Cologne from above. Of course, the ride is especially popular with children and can be combined with a visit to the zoo. The stop is located at the zoo and on the other side of the Rhine directly at the Claudius Spa on the wonderful Rheinpark. There used to be a provincial garden show and therefore there are many beautiful plants and flowers.

The Rheinpark in Cologne Deutz

And if we are with the children just in the area, then you should definitely visit the Rheinpark. There is plenty of space to romp, to rest, to climb, to play! It is a special highlight for families with children.

The fragrance museum Farina House

There is a very famous and special perfume that stands for the city of Cologne. It is the Eau de Cologne and was invented in 1709 in this famous building. There is much information and guided tours around the subject of perfume production.

The old market

And now we go back to the center of the city and introduce the classic tourist hotspots. And of course this is the age market every once in a while! It is a historic market square, which is located in the middle of the old town. There are the famous Cologne breweries, great ice cream parlors, bars and of course many restaurants.

Shopping fun

And of course that's always possible: shopping! The best streets to stroll and shop are the Schildergasse, the Hohe Straße and the Ehrenstraße. You should definitely stop by here. Of course you can spend a lot of money there. All major stores and companies have placed their offers there.

The Heinzelmännchenbrunnen

It is a piece of history in Cologne: the brownies. A fairy tale or a legend from Cologne, which deals with the small, hard-working helpers. In honor of this one has built the "Heinzelmännchenbrunnen" in Cologne. It is located in the old town of Cologne, not far from the cathedral. The fountain is lovingly designed and a real treat for the eyes. The fountain is right in front of a brewery, so you can make a rest there.

German Sports Museum

An interesting museum around the topic sport and olympic games. There you will find information and contributions to the games of the years 1936 to 1972. The special highlight is a football field on the roof of the museum. The museum is located next to the Chocolate Museum and lies directly on the Rhine.

The brewery Lommi

For our terms, this brewery is definitely worth a visit. It is located in Cologne-Deutz near our apartments. It looks a bit old and shabby from the outside, but offers comfortable us clean seating. Everything here is quite rustic and rustic, just as it used to be in Cologne. Here you get the biggest Kottellet from Cologne and the best Kölsch! The former landlord was called Lommerzheim and therefore the pub got its nickname "Lommi". In this pub, the then American President Bill Clinton wanted to come. Due to the high security requirements, the pub would have to be completely closed for the "normal" guests. Mr. Lommerzheim rejects this, however, because his regulars were more important to him. And so Mr. Clinton ended up in another Cologne brewery. Namely in the "malt mill".

The "Malzmühle"

Of course, the tourists want to experience the Cologne food culture and take the tasteful impressions home. Everybody knows the "Haalven Hahn" or "Himmel un Ääd" and would like to try this - together with a Kölsch. The already mentioned "malt mill" can help here (besides the Lommi of course). Here you will find good Kölner Hausmannkost and famous exotics like the "Haalven Hahn". Again, a tip from us!

The most beautiful panorama of Cologne

If you are in Cologne, then you should definitely take a walk on the new Rhine promenade and sit down on the banks of the Rhine in Cologne Deutz. There, people sit when the weather is nice and picnic. Drink a good wine on a lukewarm summer night and have a look at Cologne Cathedral! From there you have the most beautiful view of the main attraction of Cologne. Or drink a cold Kölsch (the Cologne beer).

The Claudius Spa

If you are unlucky and it rains in Cologne, then you can treat yourself to a few hours of wellness in the Claudius Therme. This is also located in Cologne Deutz and has a large spa. Also here is state-approved healing water! The spa is located near the Rheinpark or the cable car. You can arrive there by bus.

We hope we could show you some great sights here and you have a lot of fun and joy exploring the cathedral city. Cologne is a city of millions with many tourists, which of course attract the pickpockets. Take special care when traveling in Cologne as a tourist. Also, you should always have an umbrella with you! Or a rain jacket! Have fun the!

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