Apartments colognes informs: Tipps and infos

Since we are familiar with in Cologne something, we want you to equip with some insider tips about our beautiful cathedral city. This list is constantly being expanded, if time permits! Because sometimes it is a bit stressful with the work of our Apartments in Cologne

Our recommendations

Great Cafes in Cologne

In Cologne there are of course numerous cafes and so we want to briefly introduce some of them here. But what is particularly important for a good cafe? The location? Equipment? The prices? We think the healthy mix makes a really good cafe from Cologne

The best bars in Cologne

As already mentioned in section nightlife, there are a large number of bars in Cologne. Which are now especially recommended? We want to give you here some recommendations and think that will allow you a great evening in cologne bars

Beautiful parks and green spaces

Cologne from cold stone to offer not only a lot of buildings, but also invite a wide variety of great parks and green areas which to relax. There are also free zoos which are surrounded by greenery.

The "Millowitsch Theater" in cologne

It is one of the most famous theater of Cologne. The Millowitsch theater! It is also famous all over Germany, because of the popular folk actor Willy Millowitsch. Here funny plays are regularly still listed, which bring the audience laugh.

The Mustard Museum in Cologne

This museum is just as exceptional as the Chocolate Museum in Cologne and in its way certainly unique.

The Melaten cemetery

It is the largest cemetery of Cologne: The Melatenfriedhof. Here are the wealthy and celebrity (among other also Willy Millowitsch) of Cologne.

The 1. FC Köln

The football club of our city!

Restaurants in Cologne

As we wrote in "The Cologne Kitchen", there in the cathedral city very many restaurants that advertise every single day to win the favor of customers. We want to show you the absolute highlights and hope to have met your taste.

Shipping on the river Rhine

There is nothing better than to take on a great summer day in Cologne a trip with a passenger boat on the Rhine.

The event: cologne lights

Year after year we are Cologne and of course all the tourists delighted if the same grandiose fireworks, which takes place on the Rhine.